Urgente Specific Dates for visit to Chile 2017 (and Bolivia and Peru)

2 years, 11 months ago by jagad.guru.das in Calendar Development

Dear gurudev, 

I didn't receive any notification about your replay [reply] from December. I don't why. Robots always are complicated. But I will replay it in another post.

HpS - ASA -- AGTSP!   Paoho.  Thank you for this letter and your Skype letter. We probably didn't reply to the December post because we took off to Mexico and India. Yes, please send again.

Today, my concern now is Japa Nama Radha das, who is  coming from Panama to Santiago and he really need to know the specific dates of your visit here, because he had payed already one ticket so now he should change it and the penalty fee to the airline is increasing every day.

HpS - What are his dates?? 

Regarding  this question about the dates, I just want to add that would be nice if you come as early as possible due the universitites star to finish its semester since second Part of July, so students and teacher are in other frequency, very intense time.

Of course, if you already planned the whole trip it doesn't matter, is just in case.

Our secretary, Priyasakhi d.d. will write you about our last meeting about your visit, some place to hace conferences,  programs outside the temple to Indians, congregational meetings,  etc.

I like put myself in this preaching mood with my friends and God-brothers Arjuna and Rodrigo to serve you. So nice Ideas comes. 

This year my idea is that the topic "Art and the Sacred" 2018 is included in talks. However, I would like to know your perspective. 

Sometimes, I want to write you about personal things but when I'm going to do it I realize that I already took a lot of your time with the post like now. 

​​​​​​In general, now I just want to say you that I'm thankful to Krsna because such a wonderful mentor he sent me, you. Your service to give spiritual guidance and give encouragement always is so well done, from personal perspective you are a magnific spiritual master. 

Thank you Guru maharaja, 

Mis reverencias. 

Hare Krishna 

And see you in the winter.

HpS - We were thinking about getting to details of the South America trip just about now. We have been working on Spain and then the West coast of USA June 1-21.

We arrive Lima 11PM 21st, so we could stay in Peru until the 28th, no?  One week. Then we could go to Santiago and stay two weeks: 28th June - 12th July. Is O.K?  Then back to Lima the 12th and then we have two more weeks for Lima, Hari-kripa and Bolivia.

What do you think?

I will send this directly to Mathuresa to se about his thoughts about Bolivia.

Krsna is conquered by the love of one who has conquered his senses!  We are struggling.