Reporte Govardhan Das, febrero 17

6 years, 9 months ago by Govardhana das in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hare Krishna Dear Gurudeva, AGTSP, PAMHO,

I sent him my monthly report, for work and other subjects, but he did not regularly attend the Temple since his last visit to Cusco, but at the beginning of this year we began with force to resume service in the Temple, we have been giving BG classes in Sunday parties and we also did it in Nityananda Trayodasi which was a great success. I commented that I was offered a job in Puerto Maldonado 9 hours from Cusco, is another city, Puerto Maldonado, the jungle part of Peru, a good place to start the preaching here, I saw several Gnostic centers you see that there are people with a degree Of philisophy. We will accept this work because the pay will help me with my personal issues. This already informed Goura Rupa Prabhu and gave me his blessings, the days that I will be in Cusco I committed to give classes in the Temple. I will be alone, my family will stay in Cusco in the house of my father, we will see how it goes, if we stand firm in our faith and shadana and with his blessings of hechi that our life will be arranged and our destiny too.

ASA - Hare Krsna!!!  Is the work permanent or temporary?    Have you promised to work there for some time, like one year???   Maybe your family can come some weeks and be there also.

From the programs I spoke to you were stanby, but you can start here in this place, Sri Krishna will give us some intelligence to act, we need it, we have to improve our actions. The relationship with the family is fine, we must be the example for them, the relationship with the devotees is also very good, we are happy about it. Dear Gurudeva, I would like to fulfill the promise I made to a devotee, he wants to know: "If a devotee who for years would secure his human birth for his next life, he has still left his service, shadana, no rounds, etc. ??" He explains the example that you once told us "of the tortoise and the log with a hole floating in the sea", but he wants you to send him the answer, he appreciates it very much. Dear Gurudeva, thank you very much for your time, I will ask Sri Nrishimha to always protect you, we owe you a lot that we will be eternally indebted to you. May Sri Krishna always pour His blessings on His Lotus Feet.

Hare Krishna Dear Gurudeva

HpS - Not sure of the question by the devotee. He is doing some 'service' but not chanting his rounds???   It depends on our Bhava at the time of death: yam yam vapi smaran bhavam...

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