4th Report about III Latin America Congress on Education with ISKCON

3 years, 1 month ago by jagad.guru.das in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports

Dear Guru Maharaja,

According our last personal meeting at Houston, we are waiting confirm your tickets to Brazil but I'm realizing plus the VISA is more difficult for you.

In my last chat with Nrishananda last week, he agreed that we can charge 5% money extra to the devotees whose will attend the program to help speakers like you with some expenses like VISA an like that. Is part of the plan, help even with the fl tickets if is possible, however the problem is we don't know how much will be everything.

For example, Param Padam told me that their ticker will be 400 USD each. But we need to calculate the general cost of everyone to know how much exactatly we should cover.

Now, the whole capacity is 170 SPOTS onsite, divided in 157 devotees + 12 guests speakers in Chales and staff in somewhere else. I think Nrisimhananda is considering brazilian staff outside this numbers.

So, the point is if 157 devotees attend the whole program (not only weekend festival but two nights more also, with more profound workshops and talks) we could have US 1.442 for help our speakers to come. In that case we could help you also with this amazing prices that you should pay. Other thing that I can looking for some sponsor from Brazil. 

With this 5% extra, the final cost to every night to the all devotees will be:

Chale: 1 Night  > 70.77 USD   - 5 nights >  353.85 USD > 9 spots available

Suite: 1 Night > 52.29 USD > - 5 nights >  261.45 USD > 27 spots available

Ashrams: 1 Night > 30.76 USD - 5 nights >  153.85 USD > 41 spots available

Camping: 1 Night  > 30.76 USD - 5 nights >  153.85 USD > 80 spots available

If we make a good marketing campaing, we could do it, in Brazil there are a lot of devotees. So, for this reason your confirmation is so important for us.

On the other hand, Param Padam is contacting Aravinda and Dhanvantari Swami, asking their topics to presente and Rama Keli prabhu told me the last week that Hanuman Prabhu is considering make the BBT Latin America meeting the same dates to attend this program.

This the news guru maharaj, 

Always available to recieve the comments.

Hare Krishna.

HpS - Hare Krsna!   AGTSP  paoho.    As we mentioned in the previous post, after our very stimulating meeting in Houston, we went home and tried to adjust the entire calendar and then find an exact ticket. Everyway we looked at it the trip to Brazil would mean reducing our eliminating our trip to the West Coast USA. Then the cost was enormous. It is not just the Visa. That would be $320 if we go to Argentina also, but the ticket itself is going to be $1500!   Ooof, and Nandananda Das has disappeared as an Organizer, no?  It seems too much for you to do alone. Also, no one else has been in contact with us about the program.

I very much want to hear the opinion of others, but for the reasons above we can't think now that we can come physically during these dates or that the program could be organized in a sane fashion. We have our tickets to Peru, Bolivia (Ecuador), Chile in June and July. We would like very much to join this kind of work in those places at those times.

Again, our opinion is based upon the above information and experiences. If there is more to learn then we are very much eager to listen, adjust our plans.

In any case lets go ahead!!!