Temples in South Texas

3 years, 9 months ago by aja.govinda in Personal Sadhana Reports

Dearest Guru Maharaj,

Please accept my most humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Thank you for your kind reply. I am again most humbled to have your kind mercy upon me. Regarding whose association I have here, I don't have any devotee association here, apart from hearing Prabhupada's kirtan and japa on the laptop and Prabhupada's Bhagavad-gita in hard copy. But I do really want to visit ISKCON Houston when you come in December to get the most precious association.

HpS - ASA --- Jaya!   We arrive 11.45AM, Wednesday the 7th and leave 7.15AM, Monday the 12th. Have you got accomodations etc???  Text us.

When I first arrived at my current place of work, Texas A&M University - Kingsville, Corpus Christi is the nearest large city, which is about half-an-hour from Kingsville (the small university town of a population of around 20,000). I found a facebook page called Bhakti Yoga Society of Corpus Christi, to which I sent a message, but got no reply. San Antonio is a very large city here, the second largest in all of Texas after Houston, with a population of about 1.47 million people. San Antonio is around 2 hours drive from Kingsville and many of the Indian students go to work part-time jobs there and I also went once. I found the address for ISKCON San Antonio and went there, but it was just a house. I am not sure how to get in contact with devotees in these south Texas cities. It maybe that some devotees were running preaching centres or temples here but left after some time so now there is no active centre. Do you know any devotees active in San Antonio or Corpus Christi?

HpS - We just Texted you M. Guru bhakti's phone number and little bio. She can help!!

I wanted to get a tulasi plant for my evening worship. I have seen a Shri Venkateshvara Swami South Indian Hindu temple, but never found any ISKCON centre or devotees in this area. My parents and I would like to dedicate our lives to starting an ISKCON preaching centre under your guidance. For this, I am really hoping I can get a permanent faculty position somewhere, because my current position is contractual (i.e. temporary).

Your humble servant,

Aja Govinda dasa

HpS - Thank you for this super, super news. Contact Mataji and I think she can put you in touch with good associates.

What are you teaching in the University?   What would you like to publish with NIOS???