URGENT Jayananda Thakur Lectures to Chile

3 years, 9 months ago by jagad.guru.das in Calendar Development

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada 

Dear Guru Maharaja, 

Thank you for encouraged me Always. We visited Chandramukha Swami and he is so happy to be host in Vraja Bhumi,  2hours from Rio de Janeiro,  Brasil,  to the third Congress. Param Padam is organizing the teleconferences meeting to discuss the program in advance. I think he's sending to one old mail yours and you are not receiving their mails. At least from me I will send you Soon more details regarding the dates proposals from Chandramukha Maharaj and Nanda nanda.

HpS - AGTSP!    We received letters from Param and exchanged some.

But the purpose of this URGENT message is an invitation-request:

Could you give one skype lecture (recorded by me also)  for the Jayananda's Thakur appearance which will celebrate here at Santie this Saturday 14th May or,  if is not possible,  for the  Jayananda's Thakur Disappearance celebration the Thursday 19. The lectures are 18:30 hrs.  (Boise is -4 hours) but in the week we suggest to do it at 19:00 hrs.  To give time to the devotees to arrive because the traffic. 

Thank you gurudev for your inspiration.  We are spiritual alive and having even more spiritual health. 

Hare Krishna.

ASA - Ooof!   This Saturday is not possible. We have programs every minute with the Temple Cultural Complex inauguration.

Thursday seems fine.  We looked at jayanandathakura.com and it give his birth day at 27 April 1939, but that doesn't seem correct. He would have been nine years older than us and that didn't seem a fact. also as I understand he came to San Francisco just after graduating in Engineering from the University, so he would have been about 23-years old then.   Hmm?   Maybe born like 1944.

Thursday 19.00 hours = 16.00 for Nashville?