We survived the wave

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Dear Guru Maharaja you are my constant inspiration.


I tell him that recently i have discouragement in my spiritual life , suddenly did not want to get out more sankirtan from disciembre until March it was as marathon in the temple out every day and suddenly the body or the mind and were tired and desnimados, I was worth writing now for the miscericosrde of Gurupasad swami and I'm otravez in a marathon sankirtan by ud Gurumajaraja traveling in the van by different cities of mexico led by Jayadeva hari dasa , 25 this month prabhu aravinda asked me to travel to panama and Colombia to do sankirtan and give a workshop sankirtan , I owe it all to you.

HpS - Hare Krsna, I think you owe maybe .001% to me. .01% a Vds and everything else to Srila Prabhupada

with respect to distributing great books to a library truth still meditating on how to carry out this instruction bought but few books 10 or 5 or so and have not sold but are still waiting as actually makes your deceo only time separates me from to achieve this, I could not upload videos to Srila Prabhupada youtube page of the temple because traduccirlos not , but I hope someone help me with this instruction , my rounds but still want to have more enthusiasm for singing .

Gurudeva even get not properly honor the living entities want to learn to see Krsna in every situation and exit is dark neophyte status constates cometeer mental offenses , please explain to me how can I increase the caludad in my devotional service , I should abide Mr. Gauranga, Srila Prabhupada , or you ? Who should I offer my prayers ? Gurudeva wanted to please instruct me if it is your desire.

HpS - Claro, la respuesta es Srimad Bhagavatam. Y claro recibido por Senor Caitanya y Srila Prabhupada en la association of devotees in ISKCON. Solamente clarificar el processo. Ya lo tiene. No tiene que hacer algo bastante diferente. Solamente tiene que hacer con mas expertise el proseso y adelantar a Raganuga Bhakti.

thank you very much beloved Gurudeva please give me the blessing of being able to remember life after life be good enough to use me in his service to Krsna I want nothing more, let my desire for material gratification fail and have no other choice but to surrender to his lotus feet that they are my only hope in the midst of this maddening and burning material existence.

sorry for my goggle traduccion

HpS - It is a good translation. Just use simple words that the Robot will understand!!
his donkey Vrajendra Kumara dasa