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Hare Krsna dear Guru Maharaja

Dandavats pranamas. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I hope you are in good health.

Still no answer from Rama Giridhari Prabhu, but I am being patient. <img alt="smiley" height="23" src="" style="line-height: 1.5;" title="smiley" width="23" />

HpS - ASA -- Enthusiasm is more important than Patience (NOI 3). His phone number is: 91 india 93 22 69 1013+the day of your birthday. eg. 1013 would be 1012 if your birthdate was the 1st. (UG did this). If it is 9PM in Peru it is 7.30AM the next day in India.

To your request, a little about your servant. My harinama inititation was in Radhastami 1999 and my brahmana inititation was in Gaura Purnima 2003. I was lecturing in Bhagavad-gita since 1995. I was gurukula teacher in Chosica between 1994 - 1996. Actor and Director of Jagannatha Theatre from 1995 to 2008. Involved in Bhakti-vrksa developing and preaching. I was lecturing in Srimad Bhagavatam since 1999. Head Pujari at ISKCON Lima in 2000. Head Pujari at ISKCON Miraflores from 2002 to 2005. I passed the Facilitation I course and obtained the Certification from VTE in 2003. I passed the Leadership and Management course in 2003. The same year I started to teach the bhakta course and helping devotees to prepare for harinama and brahmana initiation tests, etc. We participated in a temporal Commission of Education in 2005. Head Pujari at ISKCON Chosica between 2006 - 2007. I obtained the Bhakti-sastri degree in 2011. Member of the ISKCON Miraflores Board from february 2012 to february 2014. A new Commission of Education appears in july 2012 from the National Board and started a new Introduction to Bhakti-yoga course, I developed the entire study program. In charge of ISKCON Miraflores Education since july 2012. Member of the ISKCON Peru National Board since november 2012. Appointed by the National Board as its Secretary in september 2013. Appointed by the ISKCON Miraflores Board as its Secretary in february 2014. June 2014, appointed by the National Board as Director of the Commission of Education ISKCON Peru. Member of the ISKCON Lima Board from february 2014 to 2015. In charge of ISKCON Lima Education since february 2014. In charge of ISKCON Lima Communications since february 2014. In charge of ISKCON National Board Communications since june 2014. May 2015, I passed the ISKCON Disciple Course and obtained the certificaction. August 2015, speaker at Regional Meeting of Education in Chosica. We are working with the National Board to standardize the requisites and tests for refugees, harinama and brahmana initiations. Now, the Commission of Education is organizing the first ISKCON Disciple Course to be 26 october - 1 november with Baladeva Prabhu in Lima.

About the Commission of Education ISKCON Peru.



The Commission of Education is primarily an empowering body, facilitating education and educators. Therefore the Commission recommends values, principles and guidelines, in accordance with the teachings of Srila Prabhupada. It is also involved with issues of assessment and accreditation for educational initiatives and institutions. The Commission takes the responsibility for the development of education in ISKCON Peru. Facilitates any facet of the implementation of education and coordinates with the whole of existing educational initiatives.


Be the educational entity that provides Krsna conscious quality education through centers, educational institutions and various initiatives in ISKCON Peru nationwide.


Promote and develop the education system in ISKCON Peru, for the integral formation of our community and the general public, in accordance with the purposes of ISKCON.


To establish, maintain, and monitor effective quality systems to:

  1. Instruct and train all devotees in the principles and practices of Krsna Consciousness, qualifying the members according to their aptitudes and interest to contribute to the welfare of ISKCON.
  2. Train appropriate devotees to teach the principles and practices of Krsna Consciousness.
  3. Equip students with all the skills required for a productive life in Krsna Consciousness.
  4. Support devotees in developing and furthering their life-skills.
  5. Meet ISKCON’s need for qualified people to serve its mission, by devotees equipped with the basic tools for favorable service.
  6. Host, promote and recognize the educational initiatives, according to the requirements of MED.
  7. Develop the National Education Plan, gathering proposals from existing educational initiatives for discussion and integration.


  1. Promote Krsna conscious quality education in the devotees and develop the education system in ISKCON Peru.
  2. Recommend values, principles and guidelines for the empowerment of educators and the improving of educational initiatives.
  3. Promote the importance of having qualified members in ISKCON community as an essential mechanism for institutional strengthening.
  4. Accredit educational initiatives and institutions for inclusion and gather their plans, strategies and models.
  5. Coordinate with the whole of existing educational initiatives and intermediate communication between them, within the educational system of ISKCON Peru.
  6. Implement and promote programs for the development of education in ISKCON Peru.
  7. Periodically monitor and provide advice to educational programs undertaken by educational initiatives and institutions.
  8. Organize educational meetings seeking openness to dialogue, generating agreements and commitments in assembly

HpS - ASA - Ooof!   It is nice but starts to seem redundant and not connected to tangible results. Seems you should make it smaller, and get to work, and then modify it after seeing some results.  We read on.


Achieve the training of devotees according to values, knowledge and skills in:

Bhakti-yoga, Guru-disciple, Sastra, Brahminical culture, Worship, Education, Communications, Leadership and Management, Bhakti-vrksa.


Sankirtana, Cooking, Kirtana, Hatha-yoga, Ayur-veda, Jyotir-veda, Vastu-veda, Natya-veda, Varnasrama.

Organize effective communications media to spread all relevant information that involves the whole of existing educational initiatives.

HpS - Eg. you could say educated as taught in Srila Prabhupada's books.


Direction: - Director, - Secretary, - Treasurer.

Members: - Responsible for education of each center in Peru, - Representatives of educational initiatives and institutions.

Collaborators: - Communications, - Design, - Pedagogy, - Organization, - Planning.

Advisors: - Spiritual masters, authorities and senior vaisnavas.
Thank you very much.
Your eternal servant,
Jiva-Sakti dasa.

HpS -  Thank you!   Is good, but seems for us, ASA, Monkey-Piggy, you need to have a simpler declaration.  Taking citations from Prabhupada's books are tje very best.  Short, Sastric, Sankirtan oriented.