Commission of Education

Hare Krsna dear Guru Maharaja

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Concerning the Commission of Education ISKCON Peru and the letter to Rama Giridhari dasa, I did not get any answer yet.

I hope you read the three papers I gave you here in Lima, waiting for your comments. Till this moment there are some arguments about the requirements for initiations. We will have another National Board meeting to discuss this.

We want to improve the work of the Commission of Education and develop this very important subject here in Peru, stablish a strong relationship with the Ministry of Educational Development, organize courses, inspire devotees to read and study Srila Prabhupada's books, etc.

We are having meetings with Rohini devi dasi about the Bhakti-sastri graduates, to see how the second initiated can help the Deitites service in Chosica. Also we want to have meetings with other devotees to develop others things.

We are organizing the ISKCON Disciple Course with Baladeva dasa, to be here last week of october. Previously, we passed it on-line with Param Padam dasa from Escuela Vaisnava. With Baladeva dasa we will co-facilitate here and then be certified to teach the course. There are eight devotees who want to apply and we expect more.

I am teaching the Introduction to Bhakti-yoga course every week from february to december, organizing the saturday evening program, Bhagavad-gita class and lecturing on it once a month, along with the National Board duties.

Gurudeva, no plans for children. We are getting mercy and protection from Sri Jagannatha.

Your eternal servant,
Jiva-Sakti dasa.

HpS - ASA --- AGTSP  paoho.  Thank you for your austerities!!    We feel very sure that the standards for initiation should be basically the same all over ISKCON.   Of coutrse, there may be some local adjustment by country or by Diksa guru, but these should be relatively simple, no?   Prabhupada had one standard for the whole society, no?

I talked with Rama giri d​hari Das and he said that he got back to you!     I also have had trouble getting mail from him and other people in India.   Write to him again and say that you never got the letter from him.  Also, give you phone number and Skype I.D.

Second initiation is for Brahmanas, Ksatriyas and higher class Vasiyas, no?  Some Brahmanas are teachers, others worship the Deity and some receive and distribute charity or combinations there of, so we should not expect that all second initiated devotees will become Pujaris.
Deity worship should be adjusted according to time, place and circumstance. Sankirtan should lead the Deity worship, but without Deity worship it will be very weak.

Our ideas.