Nectar of instruction Ki Jai!!!!!!

4 years, 7 months ago by Panca tattva das in Personal Sadhana Reports

​All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

All glories to SP ISKCON....the shelter in kali yuga,

All glories this Sankirtan Movement of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu,

All glories to our beloved Guru Maharaja.

Pleace accept my humble obesciences,

​How are you gurudev?? Hare Krishna!!!

HpS - ASA - About to die!   AGTSP.   9PM.  Head-ache!!!!   Still will try to answer a few letters.

We are in Buenos aires mandir, today our body is a bit painfull, our throat is hurting and there is some fever But our soul is very happy cause we get up early for morning program and Japa..HKHK...Any way today resting..Reading ,listening some classes (I realy like Tribhuvanath's Prabhu classes ;the way he preaches, for me is Nectar)...I just finish watching your work of the NOI; is amaising I realy like it and gave me much entusiasm,Thaks you and our godbrothers very much for the work..I'ts very inspiring!!!!

My sadhana is realy good, FMP in bs as mandir with bcris,Generaly Compleating Japa for SB class,working in Chanting sinceraly... Uffff....Big work!!!! Im working a lot in my caracter and trying to see the service and my behavior from the plataform of goodness and not from foolness.BIG job too!!! Sankirtan from the hart and not from the hat.

I had a meeting with GGDG two weeks ago before he left.about our next 1 or 2 years in service and we get to a conclution that Im going to be under the autorities of Nova Gokula by the guidence of DWS. Next month I'm travelling to Brazil..

Right now we are distibuting books with brcris,Adi yajña das,etc..Apparently in Nova Gokula there is some devoties available for travellig skrtan and for future bcri asram..I hope and I pray The Panca tattva ,Srila Prabhupada,HPS and Goura bhackta vrinda give the blessings and strength to keep on trying to serve in skt movement.

I will speak with Maharaja DWS about Sannyasa order in the fugure.

.Thak you very much..

your servant Panca tattva das

HpS - Jaya....   Thank you for the news. We are ready for Texas, Mexico, Peru....   !!!  Carl Jung and Kundalini Yoga. I hope our work helps you get integrated with ISKCON more and more.