Hare Krishna Guru Maharaja!!!

4 years, 8 months ago by Panca tattva das in Personal Sadhana Reports

All glories to Srila Prabhupada

Pleace accept my humble obediences..

Hare Krishna Gurudev!!!       We are Always following your steps by this blog    ...We send one letter report one month ago but something happend you didnt recibe it..sorry im stupid with tecnology...

HpS - ASA - AGTSP paoho. It is always very, very refreshing to hear from you. Your other letter arrived just after we left for India and we couldn't answer any mail during that month. We sent a notice about the stop of mail during that month! I was hoping to still find those letters.

I'm wrighting from bhakta Nokia....Im in Chapadmalal, MdP...I came here for resting of maratons book distribution for some weeks . Radha Krishna deities from MdP yatra wanted me to serve them so They been for more than one month at my House in Chapa. NECTAR!!!!Tomorrow they are going back with their head pujari.Hmmmm!!

HpS - Who is Head Pujari?

​We did a lot of nice service for Krishna at the Loft...some sunday calsses,chanting kirtan,asosiate with devoties P.Mahajan,etc...

​We had lots of realization this month..Chanting very nice rounds and find a lot of material desires in our heart.    Jajajaaj...any way Im developing or trying to develop praying, talk with Krishna..And I think it work a lot..  Very Happy!!

And Im going to Bs As temple next Monday...Im going to meet with GGdG and talk about future service but I already talked something with Danwamtari Swami and Autorities of Nova Gokula for future service there (book distribution, leadering future bcris).  I have very good comunication with DwS and that makes me fell very good doing service under his guidence..

Any way Im having meeting with GGdG and then. I would like to ask you what is better to do if you think is necesary..

​We buying a very nice small van for book distribution, and if its possible and you like to transport you when come to Argentina..much better than the ones we had later ...

​I think Im like crazzy Bcry always runing of autorities..Sorry Im trying to surrender ,I feel some fear of autorities...I dont know maybe fear to loose my Liberty.jajjajaja.if we have!! And I always want to travel one place to another... Offfff!!!!!  This is bad????

​Thanks very much Im sure that all my realizations and my nice japas and every good things happend in my debotional life is cause of all your spiritual effort,strenght,desire to pleace Krishna and SP,,,,Thks for all your mercy...Sorry if Im not a Good devoty yet...Vanca kalpa.....your eternal servant PTD


​HpS - HAre KRsna!!!   Typing all this on a Nokia 502 is incredible!   You must have tiny fingers like an ant!!!    All of your plans seem pretty good. Do you have any Sankirtan partners?  I think it is natural to be cautious about "authorities". NOI 5 explains that there are different levels of devotees and we should surrender to them in terms of their advancement. Gopis are good citizens of Vraja, they have their confidential group within Vraja and they have a unique relationship with the Prince of Vraja. We should act the same way within ISKCON.
Send us more news and thought here as you like. We give our thoughts on these questions in answer to similar letters also.
We are struggling to get very clear intelligence also, full morning program is wonderful and now we are struggling to get full evening program. We will do that by having it at 4.30PM. Later in the day the situation is just not stable enough.
Ask both Maharaja's about taking Sannyasa.
Your program seems fine: Distribute books, cultivate people who get books and come to ISKCON, train them as Sankirtaneros. Play with Krsna! Build Goloka Dhama.