Panca tattva das reports..

4 years, 8 months ago by Panca tattva das in Personal Sadhana Reports

AgtSrila Prabhupada.Pamho....AgtHPS..Hare Krishna dear Gurudev..We arrived from Chile just 10days was very good your asosiation and book distribution in Santiago, Viña del Mar and Pichilemu...thousands of books have been distributed....was nectar....right know I,m in Mar del Plata visiting devoties,Nrisimhadev festival at the Loft and sunday feast..having some rest in the house down the beach (chanting rounds,worship,some reading,walking) I have plans to travel to Brasil.maybe Campina Grande With Maharaja DW and Devakinanda(helping coordination of bcri asram of Bhakty sastri 2015) or Nova Gokula bcri asram(book distribution,preaching and helping to establish bcri asram) Im waiting this week Maharaja DW is going to decide one or de other...Always trying to satisfy You and Krsna with all my anarthas and ataches... I wish you have a very Good travel aroud India,Europe,Peru....Good Preaching and Good health..GOURANGA!!!!HARINAM SANKIRTAN KI....JAI!!!! Please give your blessings to this insignificant servant to purify our desires and just want to serve Guru and Krsna...HARE KRISHNA GURUDEV.... Your servant Ptd

HpS -ASA -    AGTSP paoho.  This came just after we left for India so just getting to it now.  You got some Sankirtan partners?????