Hare krisna from Madrid

9 years, 2 months ago by jaramara in Personal Sadhana Reports

Dear Hanumat Presaka Swami:

Really happy of knowing you are coming to Spain.

Is great to asociate with you and srila prabhupada through service on a regular base, but also is great to have your personal physical asociation once in a while.

I got a nice present from krisna in the form of the Eneagram, basiclly this eneagram is and old tool used by jesuists to determing and getting a map of your false ego.

I used with my self and I have discover so many things about my false me. I have What I was doing and why.

This proces has really help me to anderstand my condionet posision and is helping me to understand my real essence.

Prabhupada said that we should be frist councisnes and then krisna councisnes and I belive that the eneagram is a great tool to help devotees to become councisnes, of course our main proces is the chanting of the holy names but again, is hard to de Krisna councisnes if you are not councisnes first.

We are working a lot In Madrid about the self responsabillity of your live.

You can chose at any moment how you want to feel and what councisnes you want to do things with.

Of course most of the times we live on a reactive way fallowing all patrons of behavior and thinking but, the good news we may change if we want, we can detec our patrons, we can modify our paradigms and we can choose (Free wheel) How we want to be, How we want to serve and return to our own, pure, spiritual and unique patron.

Working also a lot with the concept of pain, pain is our great friend, is because of pain that we know there is something to modify, some thing that maybe it was usefull on the past but not any more.

And again if when you have pain, you take the responsability, see the lovig hand of krisna and rhadarani after any thing happening to you, then you aceppt you error, you acept and say , yes, I have something I may Change, I may be a better devotte, a better human being, a better father, mother, son, bosss, emploee if I acept this pain as a sign of love, as a sign of god´s love.

Then I may say I am sorry to who ever I need and I may change my patron to be able to avoid this pain in the future.

If I dont aceppt my responsabillity and I course others for my pain I will not recognise my fake patron and I will have to feell again (By the mercy of krisna and my own karma) the nectar of PAIN.

So Thats basiclly What we are doing now in Madrid trying to understand our selfs, Traying to aceppt our liths and shadows, trying to resolve our shadows and acepting our responsability (The abillity to chose the right response).

Asram mood is really nice, we are distributing service trough pairs so 2 devotees in each main area, in this way you my rest if you need our take some days off if you need to atend a seminar or need to see your grandma.

Great Shadana atmosphere with and a strong traditional morning program with tulasi puja.(Tulasi is growing really healthy and seems quite happy inmerse in Madrid temple´s crazy preaching mood)

The feeling of team, and family is growing day by day.

Wi have a new french bramacary named Rasala Das and Mantri Ram Das and Maybe Nittay (17 years old second generation devotee) are thinking about orenge clothes, I think is a good Idea if they do it properlly.

Well, well, well

My good wife Bhaktin Marta is helping me in an unmessurable way, she is a great saint, supporting me in so many ways and being so renounce and tolerant with this poor Donkey tha is trying to serve you an SP as good and honest as he can.

4-16    90% Full Morning program

Miss you


HpS - Jaya!  AGTSP. Jnana and Vairgya are excellent for getting a foothold in Krsna Consciousness. Citraketu could not focus on the instructions of Angira until he experienced the suffering of seeing his beloved son die. Then he got vairagya and jnana. All of these techniques you are describing are in Krsna consciousness, but we certainly agree that in the beginning it may be useful to get them in another form. Later Hari-nama is enough, but that doesn't mean that Arjuna didn't go on acquiring modern knowledge, modern weapons, no?

I hope our schedule in Spain is efficient and really useful for all of you!! We will be there in just six weeks...