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 DEAR Guru Maharaja, pamho AGTSP.

Now I am going to do the marathon of December in mexico df AND U?

HpS - ASA - We are Preparing for the Marathon trip to South America!

many pastimes have happened in sankirtana.

Yesterday for example we go out with the group of devout young persons of the temple to sankirtan we were 35 in total and 28 in the street distributing books. I us seize the police and they took us to a jail for distributing books in public route, he was not dealing since this could happen since they did not warn us, they took to us at once the patrol and enclosed us to my and to other two devout ones that till now begin to do sankirtana. Desues of 4 hours we speak with the judge and and I please very much Krsna's conscience, finally he asked us to speak with the manager of the delegation to be able to have programs of sermon in the jail.

This way that all that had been Gopal's arrangement again!! <img alt="laugh" height="23" src="" title="laugh" width="23" />

Now I am living in the temple of DF already not in cueramaro, and my direct authorities are P Vanamali and P. Aravinda, is pretty to experience something of kindness, already do pays and languages of  Sr. Jagannatha!!

HpS - Jaya Radha Madan-bihari!  Aravinda Ji will go to the Education Symposium in Chile end of January.

Gurudeva thank you very much for giving me so much nectar in the services, for his mercy am I proving the varied flavors of the service devocional, As I owe???? do not know, but that misses me !! miss u so much Gurudeva.

this marathon I am ready to die for pleasing his spiritual Teacher.

His donkey of load

Vrajendra Kumara Dasa (HPS)

HpS - ASA -- Our Guru would prefer we LIVE to please him more, not DIE to please him. <img alt="angel" height="23" src="" title="angel" width="23" /> Please send some news of your Sanknirtan.

Thank you for the fotos! !     !