Continue in the Battle!

9 years, 7 months ago by brian tellez in Personal Sadhana Reports

Dear GM:



Please accept my cordial greting,  now we are  living,  trying to serve you, please tell me ¿how is your health status?,

             ASA - AGTSP! Same as yours will be at 70-years old.

¿in which preaches program is working now?,

                  ASA - North American Symposium for Education, Tpp-CB, ISKCON Nashville, BhVai.

¿as it could help in his intense service to his spiritual master?, because of my condition I can not even understand what you like most, I beg you to be merciful to me and explain to me how I can satisfy you, because although I realize that the good qualities in short supply in me, the only thing that makes sense in my existence is to please to you.

GM with shame and frustration I tell you that I could not stop committing offenses daily for the devotees, even against my own will, my intellect says something but acted otherwise, I feel desperate because they can not advance in spiritual life, as the boatman rowing and paddle hard but does not lift the anchor, the modes of passion and ignorance drag me.

You bhakti carrier, please let me stick to your Instruction with great love, longing only your miscericordia, how much longer I can exist without power dulsura taste of bhakti? 

This servant fallen pray, please let me swim in the love of Radha and Govinda Sr Sr. 

Your eternal servant, Vrajendra Kumar Das

HpS - ASA --- Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna.  Everyone has different Karma, mind, senses, so no one fixed program for everybody. You have to find out how to control your senses. Because it is a unique effort for you, Krsna, gets unique satisfaction showing Radharani what tricks, love, you are using.

Apologize to people.

Please us by doing what you are doing. Don't stop and by writing some of your Sankirtan experiences to the Blog!!!!! Thank you so, so much for your efforts!!