Apara ekadasi

5 years, 8 months ago by Panca tattva das in Personal Sadhana Reports

AgtSP,Pamho...Dear guru maharaja ekadasi are so nectarean since I practice the nirjala vrata, lots of reading(SB 3.26,27) and extra japa(24rds)...this is helping us to control our sences and dont commit so many offences..this last week sankirtana 1kapiladev ,10 noi and othes 40small and medium,working finishing asram in Sierra, prepearing van for skt travel. This week we had the trascendental visit of Krishna Ksetra Prabhu... All glories to you, Srila Prabhupad and Goura Nitay your eternal servant Panca Tattva das

 HpS - AGTSP! We did Nirjala ekadasi for one year except for two times. One time it was too cold and one time it was too hot. Was very interesting!
K. Ksetra Prabhu visited the Govardhana Ashrama? We hope you are in real rhythm with Krsna!!!