report dear Gurudeva

9 years, 10 months ago by brian tellez in Personal Sadhana Reports

HK dear Gurudeva

Pamho AgtSP

Please receive a warm welcome , as is your health?

HpS - ASA --- AGTSP paoho!! Same as yours!

....has improved a little discomfort in your body? each day to pray for Sr Nrsmha deva caring for your body and can continue having your asocioasion longer.

just finished the marathon sankirtan in Colombia , were distributed to your satisfaction and that of SRLA Prabhupada 12,000 books and 7 boxes of BG, By your mercy distributed more or less 4500 books .
We are now in the marathon of the Gurus here in mexico we are going to be 15 days more , the truth I feel a little tired , please give me your blessings to keep my enthusiasm in distribusion .
then we will build part of the school in mexico Cueramaro sastri bhakti and after we will travel through Central America by the Indian festivals .
insignificant offer my service to your lotus feet , because you are my main inspiration , I hope to someday be able to have your miscericordia remember my eternal relationship with the Lord suprem .
please tell me how I can improve my service and so to dive into the glories of the holy name.
Your eternal servant
bhakta donkey
Vrajendra Kumara Das .

HpS - ASA - AGTSP!  Paoho. Most important thing is to "Chant Hare Krsna and be happy".  Get results for Krsna but not at the cost of being happy serving Krsna, no?  YOu must have been doing this in a previous life. Now you are continuing.