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5 years, 9 months ago by Bhakta Reilly in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hare Krsna H.H. Hanumat Presaka Swami maharaj

please accept my humble obeisances,

all glory to Srila Prabhupada and Gouranga

I have not sent a letter in a while; I am still here in Boise residing with my grandparents Robert & Anita Connor. I'm also grateful they are willing to accept me despite their advanced age; and even better tolerate any devotional activities. My fathers case is still pending and my mother is somehow doing fine by herself out in Europe. It's what she always wanted and probably needed ~

I admit maharaj I have not been doing much more devotional activities outside of coming to the temple every Sunday and occasionally associating with Sri Arjun and Sri Hari dasa, I've been more focused on college education for next years spring semester at BSU. Luckily I've taken the first step and got my GED this October, but then now there's many more steps (Taking ACT or SAT test, more Writing and Math tests to qualify for classes, etc) Sadly I don't happen to be the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to maths. So I don't feel very confident about taking more tests past the GED until I can re-iterate on algebra by taking a class. Because I'm already so late on getting registered full-time for BSU, my grandparents wanted me to consider community college for next spring (cheaper, no required ACT/SAT or tests past the GED as far as I know..) THEN transfer as a full-time student to Boise State. Next January the Shoshone Bannock native indian tribe can also assist me with possibly getting financial assistance because I was born part native indian.

Otherwise all the academic nonsense I humbly wanted to ask some questions Maharaj,

My grandmother is a very kind hardworking woman that is strongly Catholic faith based like her sister. I can't remember a day she hasn't been there to help my mother, father or help raise me and my siblings when in dire straits. Even now she is very caring & supportive and my grandfather and her let me live here peacefully. But she still like most people nowadays, cooks and eats meat. What does this mean for her Karma or her next life? Its hard to imagine her becoming an animal or going to a lower plane, etc..

      HpS - AGTSP.   Paoho.   Hmmm?  Prabhupada says that we can see this "compassion" even in lower species like the wolves. They feel sympathetic for the pain in other wolves. remain faithfull to marriage relations etc. It maybe mostly a thing controled by the laws of nature S.B. 5.18.12 with nor much personal credit. I don't know the details. Do they know where the meat comes from?

What can I do for my siblings? They are with my other grandparents have to eat meat and other things. Of course my brother Ryan and sister Claire don't so much mind it anymore, but my youngest sister Cara feels subjected. I feel somewhat guilty that this is my fault and I cannot really assist her after the whole Europe carousel. She was attached to krsna-consciousness.

         HpS - Why do you think it is your fault? Of course, Prahlada Maharaja was subjected to a terrific monster as a care-taker but he just chanted Hare Krsna and was O.K. It is kind of like that. Even if we can't do good 100% we can definitely make some positive contribution to our situation. BG 6 says, "One who does good my friend is never overcome by evil".

your fallen servant,

Reilly G..

HpS - No rounds???????? ??    Reilly G!!!