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Hare Krsna Hanumat Presaka maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances at your apple blossom feet,

          HpS -   AGTSP.   Paoho at your potato flower feet.

All glories to SP & Gauranga

Maharaja I've been working things out lately as things have cropped up in family life.. My father was sadly arrested a few days ago for digital fraud in his online trading. It doesn't look good. Because of this me and my siblings have been forced to move away. After a big family meeting my siblings have gone to my fathers grandparents house while I stay with my mothers grandparents for education in Boise. My grandather has very short patience although he's been kind enough to tolerate this situation, I'm grateful he has let me live with him for sake of college schoolwork, but it's been hard these few days avoiding eating questionable vegeterian food & onions/garlic.

All this crazy has encouraged me to do my 16-4, I've taken sri sri goura-nitai with me here and packed Jagganath, Baladeva and subhadra away safely with my other deity forms. I'm sort of sad my siblings will be going away, I told them they can make they're own choices in devotional life as to what they want to eat and do and we all may have to make some sacrifices for now.. My fathers grandparents are very inimical towards K-con sadly..

My mother is in Europe and wanted by police in the states. I respect her because she's my mother but I just cannot agree with her on many things. She's a devotee so I don't want to commit vaisnava aparadha. I wish her well..

But I remember the Gita and know this is just Karma and our reactions, also to not lament over things cause that's just ignorance. Family is just like the temporary meeting of strangers passing by. I've been taking steps to securing a GED and becoming a full-time student in order to secure student loans and grants for college. I'm hoping everything will be possible by your grace maharaja. I really just want to know your not upset with me over all the foolish things I've done.. ..

Sorry about all the crazy. But things seem O.K. now, I was very happy to help serve for Janmastami festival at the Boise temple and fast.

              HpS - ASA -  Wow!     AgtSP.        What a circus!     You never told us anything about this stuff before.    Well, we all have our Karma.     A lot of time this stuff runs in the family, being politicians or thieves or artists...   We can join Krsna.  He's a thief. Your response seems good so far.  You have nice friends in Boise to help you make decisions.  Try to keep the onion and garlic out, but the meat, fish or eggs is basically non-negotiable requierement.

I wanted to ask some questions though maharaja.

1). Why in this age of kali has man created such wonderful things like Internet, Radio, Computers, Phones, TV, Video cameras, airplanes, printers, electricity, 'Modern medicine to cure diseases', cars, etc. But don't seem to be something in previous ages?

             HpS - You look at miracle like the Pyramids of Giza and so many other things and it seems that they had this high-tech stuff, maybe geo-magnetizm, but was probably much more efficient and the demigods made a better general atmosphere. Don't need a lot fo this stuff on Hawaii.  Even the pigs were eating mangos in Hawaii.

Although besides the heavy petrochemical pollution it puts on Bhumi and her oceans, it gives everyone this great sense of mans "evolution" towards 'space travel', independance from any 'god', and the 'pursuit of happiness'.

             HpS - The demons acquire many mystical powers. Krsna lets them thing they are God!

2). If the moon is really in vedic astronomy extremely far away, why do astronauts and scientists claim to have gone there to a dead rock and collected samples? In fact "China" is planning to visit the moon at the end of this year..

          HpS - Look at BG 8.25.  Sometimes P'pada talks about this subtle aspect of the moon and going there and other times going to the gross aspect. The distances then depend on which destination you are talking about.     Big topic.     Many people thought that the gross trip involved cheating.  Maybe the first one was faked and others were real...  I think if you look for Moon Hoax on the YouTube you will drown in an ocean of problems with the trip.

with all forgiveness your fallen servant,

Bhakta Reilly G.