Short news from Bush City

7 years, 1 month ago by Madhvacharya das in Sankirtana / Temple Activity Reports

Jay gurudev ! Pamho , agtSp !!... I m very happy that You are here in Oz , giving the seminars, lectures and also giving your saintly association to so many nice devotees overhere. We'll continue with our little efforts at the Australian National University Every wednesday trying to spread KC , our program has nama-kirtan , BG lecture , Q'n'A and of course Krishna-prasadam, some few students at the moment but we keeping on going , the results is up to Krishnaa. On saturday the home programs are turning real well , keeping devotees enthusiastic with lots of bhajans and kirtan . I m keeping regular communication with Raktak prabhu and Madhumanjari dasi so lets see by the time that You will be in Sydney if any chance to invite you to Canberra at least for one day......... That's it for the moment. Trying to be a disciple Ys Madhvacharya das Canberra-ACT-AU

HpS - Jaya!   AGTSP.  paoho.   It is just toooooooo   much!    Brother Ass is 65-years old.  Sydney, Gold Coast, New Govardhana, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Mebourne, Sydney and then Perth!!  Jaya.    Very nice but we are having heart problems from the pressure.  You will understand perfectly when you take Sannyasa!!

Your programs are great.

Asking for a fixed donation to help with the Prasadam costs really inspires most Students.  Also, a very nice book table for many students is better than preaching because they are proud of their knowledge and like to argue, at least in their minds, but your can't argue with a nice looking book table, and because they are students they love books!!    Send more news.   We hope  to see you here in Sydney or Perth, but the first thing is your Sankirtana!!