hare krishna from Mayapur

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Hare Krishna maharaja, from Mayapur

I saw you were here a little bit before the 10th in the Temple maharaja, I already guessed you had left Mayapur after the GBC meetings and Gaura Purnima festival had started. So my mother wanted me to send a online letter to you.

Somehow by krishnas mercy me and my family have moved over to Europe and safely traversed a path to visit Sri Mayapur dham. It's been very inspiring along the way coming through Villa Vrindavan and other temples, but also hectic as well (we lost our Caitanya-charitamrita + Srimad Bhagavatam Bookset in they're respective suitcases on a plane-mixup in New York, they're luckily returning to my father in america now and we're hoping they are okay) now were here and me and my whole family have gotten to see the true heart of Srila Prabhupadas movement, Jaya Srila Prabhupada! My siblings and even my father have taken to Krishna Consciousness from the Dhams association and sri sri gaura nitai's mercy.

I have to admit that before coming I slipped into neglect of my chanting and 4 regs for many many months..... but somehow through divine mercy I I've been trying to follow your instructions maharaja, chanting 16 rounds, 4 regs, read the Bhagavatam daily, Rise at 4 AM and serve Bhoga and kirtan to our Jaganath + Gaura Nitai deitys. My father returned to America in order to work to support us (such is this age of Kali..) while I'm helping to maintain my mother and siblings material + devotional life. I got a job assisting a senior Devotee (vasudeva dasa) with his BhakTV devotional films distribution and work. I feel very happy to still be able to serve somehow. :)

im looking at learning Sculpting + Art for a career, it'll also involve a 3d program called 'Maya' ironically based on the literal sanskrit word for 'Illusion', haribol. lol.

It's been a bumpy road, I still wonder why Srila Prabhupada would cast any blessings to this swine... but I feel I've taken something not to be forgotten.

I want to say I'm sorry for any offenses I made to you Maharaja in the past.. from being silent in the Boise Prasad hall because I was afraid to disturb you to just being excessively talkative. Thank you for all your guidance and mercy

your fallen servant,

Bhakta Reilly (G.)

             ASA - HpS -    AGTSP!     Buck White wants to say that some of the best people in the universe are swine.  You should just go into the garbage to help, not to eat.   Why didn't you say hello to us in Mayapura!!!   We heard you were there!             It is so nice to hear from you.    You are still growing up.  God, the senses are so strong and the intelligence is so small.  Do you best.    Whatever control you have in following the four principles you will later appreciate, appreciate, appreciate!     If you fall down, get up.  Kick your Ass and get going again!            As far as occupation, seems like you are making nice investigation, but we suggest you do a lot of investigation of different areas to see what abilties you have.     Lot to learn about yourself!