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Hare Krishna Hanumat Preshak Swami Maharaja,

All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Gouranga.

Yes - School.       Well education has been very confusing for the past year since I've moved like 3 times now. But my whole family is back together. Look's like High School is a large waste of time and I'll be taking my GED test to pass out of it.

Then comes getting a job and likewise; before K-CON I was planning on being a Video Game Developer for a company; you really think I'd be good at photography?? <img alt="cheeky" src="" title="cheeky" /> I thought it was nice when Visakha Devi Dasi was visiting and presented her book and photography career as a devotee. Getting a job is important; I think money is the most important for ones sustenance and ISKCON as a whole.

Bhakta Reilly G.

HpS - ASA -   AGTSP       Very important int he beginning to try a variety of things. Even though you may not have any attraction to them. Try managing a project. Try different musical instruments. Try learning scriptures, worshiping the Deity. That gives some idea of our abilities.

Talk to people who see you in action and they can give you an idea of your tendencys that often you can't see yourself.

Follow Brahmacaria for six months and Japa-vrata etc.   Become a candidate for first initiation.  Get things straight with a Diksa guru while following for six months more.  Take first initiation.  Stay b'cari and do the above investigation for at least one but probably two years more and then you will have an idea of your varna and ashrama.    If we are going to be Grhastha (and it is most common for some time) then that really shades what kind of career we have.