Dear Hanumat Presaka Swami

7 years ago by Bhakta Reilly in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hare Krishna Maharaja,

I just wanted to send you a letter saying thanks for helping me...

   .... Sorry for being offensive to you; I was just being sore over falling below my own expectations and those of others. Other times I'm sorry cause I was a little excited - maybe it's just puberty.   Hahaha...

But seriously;  thanks - things have been going great at my new house with my family, I wish we had finished our altar in time to invite you and all the Boise devotee's over for a home program.

HpS - ASA - AGTSP   pamho.  This is Reilley?   Yes, we were feeling a little sad that you didn't smile at us and say hello, but we kind of guessed what you were saying was happening.  Thank you for such a nice letter.
   Yes, we would have liked to see your alter! We steal ideas from other's altars to improve our altar.

I'll just accept what I've done is done and let it go. I'll continue trying to perform service for all the devotee's and practicing my 16-4.

Bhakta Reilly

HpS - ASA -  Jaya!   How's skool?