Requesting your blessings and guidance

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Hare Krishna Gurumaharaj.

Please accept my respectful obeisance and gratitude.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Pray this finds you well, and healthy in every aspect (as much it can be).

It was very inspiring, enlightening, and touching reading Balabhadra Prabhu's letter. I couldn't help, but some tears came out, it was out of appreciation for Balabhadra Prabhu's greatness and humility, being vulnerable, revealing his mind (oh Krishna, it is a precious gift, a Vaisnava treasure that he kindly is sharing with all of us).

My humble prayers to Krishna, may Sri Krishna reveal more and more of the sweetness of His heart to Balabhadra Prabhu and then, he can keep sharing with us, so we can chew that nectar too. Jai Srila Prabhupada!!

On the other hand, I wanted to let you know that finally, I got a ticket to Spain ( Sep 8th -Nov.25th) and then India (Nov 26th - Dec 30th), with your blessings may this plan take place..

HpS - We, agtSP, always remember a citation from the KRSNA book where Srila Prabhupada says that great devotees, like Narada Muni, go from different Holy Places to others and in route they meet and deliver many innocent people. So, while traveling   expect Krsna to send innocent people. Have literature. Peanut prasadam.

  1. We have to be pure: 16/4/FMS.
  2. Krsna will send innocent, curious, people.
  3. They have to be tolerant of mistakes in our preaching to understand what is the real situation of this material world.

There is another issue that I humbly request your guidance and blessings. My younger sister (Madhan Priya) who has been away from Krishna Consciousness, has shown some interest in reconnecting with devotees despite the challenges of her current circumstances; to encourage her and help her to reconnect with devotees, I am thinking of inviting her to visit Spain and spend some time with devotees while I will be there, and if you consider this appropriate, I could try to help her to do so and ask authorization to [from] H. H. Yadhunandana Swami for her to stay on the farm too. Maybe this can be an opportunity for her to regain faith and trust in devotees and Krishna Consciousness. Is this okay Gurumaharaj?

HpS/ASA - We don't know the details of the situation, but in general I think the New Vraja Mandala Yatra is great!!!

The only thing is that they have limited space to accommodate people so you have to be careful about that!

For yourself and her self, no?

I think Yugala kishora Dasi and Yasoda from Peru are coordinating that.

My parents passed away long ago and I haven't seen my siblings for almost 20 years, it seems that I won't be able to visit Peru soon, so if I can help to spark a bit of my siblings' spirituality and connection with Krishna, it would be a good fortune. I want to ask for your authorization to invite Madhan Priya to Spain and perhaps India if you consider it appropriate.

HpS - Again we don't know the details of the travel, her character etc. but in general it seems like a fine idea.

Ladies need to be a little tough and adventuresome to travel and stay in different places but some girls are like that, love it.

My Mother was that kind of person.

Thank you Gurumaharaj.


Madhumanjari dd

HpS - Thank you!!! We pray that you can get free from all of your 'vasanas' from this life and previous lives. You seem to have been involved in Vedic culture for several life times.