CMDD report

Hare Krsna beloved Gurudeva:


I hope this meets You in really good health.

HpS/ASA - Body, agtSP, 76 years old. Daily eyes, ears, legs, mind diminishing. Is normal. Elements go back into the elements to become new material bodies.

I had a terrible sore throat the last few weeks. Plus the load that I have at work is a very heavy burden to put up with

So I did not have a decent FMS.

I am about to finish this semester at work. And I praying to have a sane schedule at work. So that I can be able to concéntrate more in my spiritual practices. Please give me your blessings in order to fullfill this.

HpS - Hare Krsna. Krsna will never punish you for chanting 16-nice rounds and following the four principles strictly, etc. He will always reward you!!

I read your last response about the kirtan leaders in FMS, So if you consider that I shouldn't continue with this service. I will accept what you decide.

HpS - Come one. 🙂 Get up early and chant. Just say no to an insane schedule! 💪

We had a very nice reunión at Jambavan 's home celebrating the Birthdays of Palika and his.

HpS - Super! From personal friendships Iskcon as an institution grows.

Looking forward to meet You again.

HpS/ASA - We are meeting right now!!! 😃

Scratch your dog for us.

So much work now that Pablo is here.

Your servant