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Hare Krishna Gurudeva 

Please accept my obeisances 

All glories to Srila Prabhupada 

We have completed one year with the attempt to preach through WhatsApp. When starting out I created a broadcast list of the most interested people I met in sankirtan. A few weeks later the idea came up to make a new list for people who were at zero, and so I kept messaging them. From Monday to Saturday I send a daily message, alternating between each group, every other day. 

I also maintain a WhatsApp group where I take advantage of sharing excerpts from my readings of Prabhupada's books, both Bhagavad gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. This group is geared towards devotees. Also public from Monday to Saturday, alternating between each book. 

A few months ago I kept eating only prasadam (98%), and in extreme cases when I haven't had anything to eat, I have bought industrialized foods. But avoid it even in those cases, it is better to eat fruit, nuts and dairy. This has helped me a lot to be able to maintain a clearer conscience. 


I have some questions: 

1.- Are the planets living entities? As I understand the planets, they are ruled by a demigod, the personification of the planet, or the representative, but the planets themselves are not living entities, since they were manifested before the secondary creation of Brahma. What is your understanding of the topic?

HpS - ASA - Yes, as far as we understand, the planets are made of matter, but a demigod predominates, yet some are made of subtle matter eg. only mental matter.

2.- I remember that in a class you indicated that one should learn to serve Krishna in different modalities. How to understand this if one understands that one must situate oneself in goodness, and then in pure goodness to serve Krishna?

HpS - Lord Siva serves in the Mode of Ignorance but he is no in the mode. Prison guard serves in the prison but he is not (exactly) a prisoner.

3.- Is sankhya part of Jnana Yoga?

4.- What is your opinion about Aindra Prabhu? It is the kirtaniya that I listen to the most, but there are devotees who have recommended that I not listen to it.

HpS - I don't know details of his internal consciousness. I met him in 1978. I've never heard anything bad about him or his Kirtan.

Thank you Gurudeva 

your servant 

Piyari Mohan das

HpS - Thank you. Will WhatsApp you.