Remenbered Gurumaharaja

Remembered Gurumaharaja please accept my respectful obeisances at your lotus feet. all glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to my dear Gurumaharaja!       

   I hope You are in good health and always happy in Your wonderful awareness of our beloved Govinda.    

Please forgive me for taking so long to write to you. We were very sick with Dengue. Franco and Gopal got sick while I was still well so I was able to take care of them. but then he gave it to me. They were very intense pains... that made me think... it's not so bad to leave the body 😅 I thought it was a relief from so much pain that I felt. I didn't leave the house for a month. and happily I have already recovered.

HpS/ASA - AgtSP!! Paoho..... Death is the sum total of all possible bad experiences. Being a carrot is like having Dengue your whole life, no?

I was trying to make a nice letter for you but I always saw so many flaws in it that I never finished it. I hope to send it to you soon. This letter is only to inform you that I am still alive in this body and that I offer you my tolerance to pain and despite that by the mercy of him Gurudev I maintained my strict morning and evening sadhana and my beloved rounds and readings,etc.

HpS - When we do Mangala arati we forget we have disease.

   Also tell you that whenever I read a verse, whether in the morning or at night, something happens to me during the day that has to do with that verse that I read. I feel Prabhupada so alive... he is speaking to me... He is so wonderful and I feel so lucky to be able to read him and be eternally grateful for His sacrifice... that he made for us... ... I speak to Him in his photo thanking him a lot, asking you to allow me to follow you eternally and help you in your mission... I am still looking for my way on how to do it.  I think I am good at always preaching to new people and apparently that is my service. I still remember when you asked me: is his newsletter for devotees or for new people? . I think from the experiences I've had, I can say that he talks to new people.    I'm looking at how to lead the dance well with the wonderful verses from Prabhupada's books and the main idea of ​​what we do.  I also see myself as I have been slowly understanding Krsna consciousness.    

   I ask for Your blessings please Dear Gurudev to be able to help Srila Prabhupada in his mission... so many people are suffering a lot... it has been 12 years that I have been talking daily to people in Córdoba... and sometimes I just go on the bus and I have intuition to tell the person next to me. Do you like to read?  and they tell me yes or more or less... and I give them the vedabase. Then they tell me how you knew it was so bad and they start crying because they have a relative with cancer... I get a lot of stories like that... and I always thank Prabhupada for this knowledge that he gave us.                   

HpS - Amazing. Most everyone is suffering, but they don't show it publicly.

  Thank you Gurumaharaja for your sweet association in Peru... now I dreamed about you 4 times... and I can write to you... and I think... there will come a time when I write to you and you no longer respond to me... I still don't want to talk about you. He will leave us this year... but I must understand that I will be able to listen to him and serve him in my dreams, while I am in this body and eternally.                      

  Please forgive any offense in this letter.  Gopal my son turned 12 on MAY 15. Please ask for your wonderful blessings for Him. He wrote a message to you. Can I send it here in my next letter?

HpS - Sure!!

Please accept obeisances from Gopal, Franco and mine.          Without realizing it I deleted all the new WhatsApp chats... I hope I didn't delete his message. I was worried about that. I still haven't received Asa's number from him to give it to Franco.

HpS - We just WhatsApped our number to you!!

      In an old letter you ask me if I remember my previous birth... I don't think I remember anything. Sometimes I think I would like to know. maybe it helps me improve my service now. Should I investigate it?

HpS - Not necessary of regular Sankirtan and Meditations. Can make us more serious about our Yoga in this life!!

     trying to please his beautiful heart: Radha Japa Prati Jalpa Devi Dasi

P.D.Were you able to see the video offering to You that I made for Your vyasa Puja?

HpS/ASA - Yes. Dance on fire until the end, music (Hari Kirtan) is your only friend.

It's the song I did for Prabhupada. I sent it to you in writing on the last day of the celebration for Srila Prabhupada's disappearance. The audio of my voice still needs to be improved, but I wanted to offer it to you in His vyasa Puja.

HpS - Thank you! Send Art-Gopal! Lots... !

Maybe look at "peterdraws" on YouTube to get some communication skills. He has 1-million followers.

Be nice if they followed him to Nabadvip where Nimai is playing.