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Dear Maharaja Hanumat Presaka Swami

pamho , AGtSP!

It was great chatting with you yesterday. You cleared up some planning for us, and you are always first for us.

Braja and I banter sometimes, and we seem to be okay. This latest might be a bit fanatical, so I am asking for your opinions on this one.

Facebook Dialogue 2 weeks ago

Braja-raja Suta Dasa:

" Chas.“rhetoric” generally has a negative meaning such as the following first definition given by Webster’s: “language that is impressive-sounding but not meaningful or sincere.”

In the past you’ve posted similar remarks - remarks containing little real commentary or expression of what you think.

With that being said, can you please elaborate? Tell us what you really think.

Do you think the public, do you think devotees have a good understanding of the terms discussed? (Theory, law, hypothesis, consensus- were there others??) Do you, or do you think the public and devotees do not accept such terms and the whole concept/language in which they’re found?

Chas D Lind:

Appreciate your patience, dear Braja, my ignorance is showing, though "rhetoric" wasn't totally meant to be a negative implication. Words have connotations for sure.

As far as my thinking goes, my mind is not always my best friend. Certain ambiguities are constant for me. In essence, sometimes, my mind is like a kaleidoscope. This is where my reflections may not be so congruent with so-called vocabulary norms. I am one for the exceptions and contradictions; these appease my interest, as logic and definition are appreciated by others.

It's a tricky arrangement, then, to add focus to my equation, which is also important, especially when I'm sharing observations or conclusions. The mix of numeric and alpha needs a good honing before it can be used decently, or at least to make things interesting.

Thus far, my very revelations and my own rhetoric may not fit in opinions, but more in discretion. Personal & Public knowledge does have some borders, though with a complete Soul this is not the case, such as Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupada. His personal life and public life have no separation for his purity and consciousness did not waver and does not deviate, it adjusts to time place, and circumstances keeping Krishna at the center. We should do so good.

Anyway, sadhana and sanity should be exercised as much as possible. Seeking confined definitions may distract. It is good to understand our relationships in our current lifetime to proceed to our permanent lifetime. Kapisch?!

Appreciate your most valuable time."

HpS/ASA - I, agtSP, tried to answer this earlier, then the Blog was down. So we will try again!!! It is very important letter.

I think that you tend to think in iconographic format rather then linear.

This is not so uncommon. It is classified as autistic some times.


Our experience.

This means that you have like a complete three dimensional image of your ideas (in motion) and then try to make them into a line.

O.K. Tell people that. I think you already do to some extent.

Also, write something then look at it again after ten minutes. The short term memories associateds with it will have decreased, and you will read it as the recipient will read it without benefit of your thoughts.

After two days I look at what I wrote and really am challenged to understand what I wrote! I think my reader knows what I am thinking, then I see that I don't know what I was thinking, and I can only deal with what I wrote.

If we don't become good letter writers in this lifetime, maybe the next.

Indu - lekha.

Citra - leka.

Lekha means writing.

Henry James, Nobel Prize in literature said that in his opinion, the letter was the greatest form of literature.!