Humble Request to Confirm Manipur Visit

1 month, 1 week ago by sadhubhusandas@bsds in Other

Hare Krishna Maharaja,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. All glories to you Maharaja.

Maharaja, it is our extreme good fortune to serve you, your care taker and H. H. Yadunandana Swami in Manipur. Please kindly let me know the details of the trip – when all of you want to come to Manipur and leave, and the details of the devotees, etc., etc. Accordingly, we will buy the tickets and send you Maharaja.

political situation is manageable?

Nectar Of Devotion seminar?


He wants some place to write essays from the SB.

Is Manipura good for that?

He would naturally be fantastic cultural ambassador of Manipur in the West.

Stay one/two weeks?

Then back to Spain for Rama vijayotsava on October 12th.

What do you think?


Political situation is ok Maharaja. We can have Nectar of Devotion seminar with good number of participants during your stay. Yes, Manipur is a good place for HH Yadunandana Swami to write essays. Two weeks stay is ok Maharaja or forever also ok. Everything is all ok Maharaja. Or, we together can have Rama Vijayotsava festival in Manipur too. That day is our Guru Maharaja’s Tirobhava Utsav. Rama Vijayotsava is on October 13th in India.

Maharaja, Manipuris are little racial nowadays with strong anti-Indian feeling. Indian preachers are not much successful in Manipur. We are always thinking to have very good connection with western devotees to preach here in Manipur. Guru Maharaja wanted to have many nice things of ISKCON Manipur. This would be possible only by your blessings, Maharaja. We are really very happy to hear that you are going to bring HH Yadunandana Swami also. All glories to you Maharaja.

Thank you once again for your love for Manipuri devotees and Manipur.

Maharaja, first floor rooms are ok for yourself and HH Yadunandana Swami? Can we have some seminars in Manipur University during your visit? If so, please kindly suggest some topics, Maharaja.

Your humble servant

Sadhubhusan Das

ISKCON Manipur

HpS - AGTSP! Paoho. Was waiting a little to answer until things are little fixed. Maharaja is trying to buy tickets right now. Madrid to India on the 18th of September, then he teaches for one week in Braja, and after that we can go to Manipuri. He is young man 😃 only like 65 years old. He can become great lover of Manipuri culture and maybe very strong link with Spanish culture of Spain.

Read all your news very carefully.

Think can give details soon.

Hope we can make cultural presentation that will reach people beyond Manomaya platform. Eg. I am this nation or that and nothing more.

Thank you.