Sankirtan Report

3 weeks, 2 days ago by srikrishnasiromanidd in Personal Sadhana Reports

Hare Krishna Guru ji.

Dandavat Pranams.

Guruji, I am learning myself by attending Bhagavatam classes twice a week with Subala Sakha prabhu ji I go to the temple every Saturday and every ekadasi for darshan (Radha Madan Mohanji) and try to help in the temple. Now in the new temple, I work in the gift shop 2-3 days and festivals and work as volunteer whenever I can guruji.

I get a chance to sing 12:30 aarti on Saturday mostly. I feel very beginner to spiritual life guruji so I try to focus on learning by attending classes and volunteer whenever for whatever they may need me. Sugopi led a manra meditation workshop at her yoga studio and I was there and spoke briefly on chanting and Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

In May, there is Capital Kirtan for 3 days in DC and so we’ll be there to help there. Sugopi is one of the organizers. Guruji I work full time too. So I try to maintain my life as much as I can.

Your aspiring servant,

Sri Krishna Kanti Siromani devi dasi 

hps/asa so, agtsp, wonderful. what more do you want. you can make progress like all the neighborhood ladies of daccimata and nimai.

see you in glen allen, richmond. you assoc. in the full morning program is worth $700 each day!!

thank you.

regards to husband et al!!