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Hare Krishna Gurudeva

Please accept my obeisances

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

We continue fighting, this mind I have is very demonic, but without a doubt the process of Krishna consciousness helps to control it through spiritual intelligence [3.43]

HpS//ASA - Wonderful!!

I have interacted with devotees from other Vaishnava schools, it has been nice to be able to appreciate their service. I don't share some things with them, philosophical topics and I think that if at some point they invited me to listen to a class at their school, I would avoid doing it, but if I share Kirtan, it is what unites us, and well, prasadam too (but making sure which does not have garlic or onion.)

Since February I have been making a contribution to the ISKCON Chile temple, and also to NIOS Chile, for whatever purposes they deem appropriate.

I took a Vedic counseling course, they teach the basis of the most important Vedic sciences: jyotish, ayurveda, yoga and vastu. It's in English, so it helps me put a little more effort into learning the language.

My musical and preaching project on social media is having good results. I am adapting the maha mantra to popular songs and it is attractive to people, also devotees.

Thank you Gurudeva for accepting me in your program again.

My obeisances

Your servant

Piyari Mohan das

ps: I share a photograph of today's program (April 30, 2024), we are going to complete almost 2 months with weekly meetings. In the image Álvaro and his son Maximiliano. They are steady and enthusiastic.

HpS - Thank you!! THANK YOU! . . .

Pray, HK///HR, that Krsna puts a Brahminical column in your preaching efforts!!!

Hare Krsna!!

Best wishes bringing all your disciples back to Goloka!