Jara Mara Hari Das

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Hare Krishna, Maharaja:


Keep fighting in the SP army.

HpS 💥 super!!!!!!two steps from hell.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qtuj8mpoZHA - live orchestra prague.
  • one adaptation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6EceDF5ltc

Nanda Gram is developing slowly but surely.

ASA - one of the five best verses in the SB? https://vedabase.io/en/library/sb/10/47/63/

Hanumatpresaka x Uddhavatpresaka

We are now 10 families and more are planning to come.

The veg gardens and fruit trees are developing.

We host a nice Sunday feast every week and main Vaisnava holidays.

My granddaughter is already 10 months.

My sons 23 and 33.

ASA - Surfing?

Marta is doing fine working a lot on her self and studying arts in university.

ASA - Any special teachers?

We keep with our service to the European youth and more and more youth are benefiting from our projects.

Some times is not easy to coordinate so many devotees from so many countries but the results justifies the efforts, challenges and pain.

ASA - We did tour programs for years!!!! One of the very, VERY, V E R Y, best preaching programs.

Also studying some short of psychotherapy with Doctor Gabor Mate.

It is helping me to better understand my self and also to serve devotees in a best way.

Many times our past traumas block our innate capacity to love and serve.

ASA - In Sanskrita, 'vasanas', no?

Understanding the process of trauma and aceppting our own responsibility is very useful to serve better the lord, guru and others.

We will be very happy and honored if you could visit Nanda Gram as you an SP are the main inspiration to start the project.

We can host you and as many spiritual brothers and sister willing to come during your visit.


Well, wish you all the best and hope to see you soon

Your fallen servant


HpS - Look under Calendar Development? Got our ticket to visit Spain 11 September to 3 December.

Right in the middle of this letter the landscape master came, virabahu das prabhu returned our calls! We talked for about 45-minutes. Two calls a year. GBC. ISKCON.

See you in a few weeks.