Conquering Fear. Getting Practical Direction.

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Hare Krishna Gurumajaraja

Please Receibe My Humble Obeisances All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

I put miself an anonimous name because My case is confidential, Please Gurumajaraja I would like to do next questions:

1/ I doubht all time Even thought I chant My rounds how can I have more security in My decitions?

HpS/ASA - Canakya Pandita: Success comes from good advise, and good advise comes from many counselors.

2/ I feel a profound distress, I just realised that by karma I do not have confidence in miself ,I dont have faith that Krishna will help me ,I don't have faith that everything Will be arranged by Krishna,I don't feel in my heart that Krishns is the controler, but I want to control ,I have too much negativity I do not have faith in my ideas so I doubht too much.

How can I overcome all these?🙏🙏🙏

HpS/ASA - You cannot overcome them. Krsna will overcome them. How does a three month old baby overcome his hunger? He can't.

Krsna had many qualities, but his foremost is his mercy on reclaiming the fallen, frightened, proud, conditioned souls.

Of course, we have to do all we can to take advantage of the mercy He sends.

Yet in the end Radha is more tricky, powerful and funny than Durga, so She will get us out of this mess, but we must help!!! Try as much as we can.




4/ How can I overcome fear?for example the perspectives to do the next idea of My next questions gives me a Lot of fear I think who Will like the idea!! Maybe nobady!! How I ll get the money !!!Thinks like that?

HpS/ASA - Just take a deep breath and chant Maha-mantra vigorously until Krsna enters your intelligence, like He did when He spoke to Arjuna. I've done it again and again. It works. Maybe takes a few minutes for BIG PROBLEMS, but works.


5/ I would like to form an small ashram of matajis to rent an apartamento or a house with maximun 4 matajis,to have un altar, deities, and to make it susteinable. prepare a room for un RB&B for offer room and breakfast to only woman who would like to practice spiritual life. could be tourists or locals we can teach them how to cook,to offer,chant rounds etc.y it would be un income for the asram,as well my idea is that in the salon of the appartment give lessons of English, puppets,etc to children,to have another income to pay the rent ,we could do nice small preaching programs only for women.My questions is

How can I do the plan to make it real and reliable and make it work?.

HpS/ Already answered... Canakhya said... Krsna will do the magic or he will turn you into bird who lives on flower blossoms.

He is the ultimate controller.

How can I get matajis who would like to participate?

HpS/ You be pure... Full morning service with enthusiasm and Krsna will send nice people and they must be patient to hear that this world is just a train station where we get on the airplane back home!!!


Thank You very much GM

Your Servant.


HpS/ASA - Hope that we have understood your statements and questions!!