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Dear Guru Maharaja, PAMHO, TLGSP 


A fantastic second half of the year in the service of Krishna, great progress in my Krishna consciousness process. Below is a summary of activities/services: 

Since several months passed and I couldn't find a job,

Nityananda Prana das me (NPD) proposed that we live together so I have everything that I need and get married as soon as possible.

He is a mathematics and computer programming teacher for children and his economic situation is good.

Gurudeva, the truth is that it was a complex decision for me due to the implications of living together without being married,

but since it is a serious relationship I accepted.

To get married we are waiting for a second document that arrives from Brazil and reconfirms his divorce.

Of course you, Tom Brown, Piggy and Buck White will be our guests of honor. 

What seemed difficult to me at the beginning has turned out to be quite favorable. Gurudeva,

I feel that my house is a temple.

With NPD we have an altar with deities of both that we serve as best we can (RK, GN, Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subadra, Krishna Balarama, a sila called Kamadeva and a murti of SP).

We do pujari shifts at home to serve all your lordships with a lot of love and devotion.

We go for a walk early in the morning to sing the rounds, let them be enthusiastic rounds with the early hours of the morning. 

Something we share is the pleasure of having guests at home, so we hold regular meetings with our devotees and non-devotees friends who are interested in learning about Krishna consciousness. And with this Gurudeva I have achieved: 

- Participate in two study groups (Sat Sanga and Tusyanti ca ramanti ca): in both groups we participate with disciples of HH Jayapataka Swami, HH Bhakti Bhusana Swami, HH Mahatma das

we meet 2 times a month and do programs at home that include: Govinda Arati, reading and analysis and prasadam.

My spiritual brother Piyari Mohan das participates in one of these groups, who accompanies us with his guitar and his devotional songs.

In some cases the program lasts two days and I am really happy sharing and serving the devotees and their families. Attached photos. 

- Reading from Krishna Book No.1, NOI, Tava Pache Pache, The Glories and pastimes of Srimati Radharani and SP Lilamrta (chapter 4) 

- Since I now live far from the temple, I have not participated in my garland service, but I still have small flowers in my garden that I use to make the garlands of my deities. 

- I have celebrated all the important holidays at home and with devotees who are in a similar situation and who, like us, live far from the temple. 

- In Santiago, we had a nice Ratha Yathra, again a great experience  

- I have received an invitation from Fr. Abhiram Takura das to participate in NIOS, of course I am happy about it. Likewise, with Arjuna das and Havihsara dd we are meeting to give impetus to NIOS Chile with local activities. 

- Continuous studying Bhakti Sastri 

- I learned to ride a bicycle, after several hits (ouch) I made it (hahaha) 

For 2024, the most important goal is to continue with firmness and determination in Krishna consciousness, continue with the programs at home, participate in NIOS and get married with Nityananda Prana das. That is a priority. 

Thank you Gurudeva, thank you very much for his mercy and for being that light in the beacon that guides me. 

Your little servant,  

Damni devi dasi

HpS - Thank you for this little movie of your life.

Of course, the technical standard is 16-nice rounds and 4-principles strictly. Then where we live, with whom, what Ashrama are details.

Of course, we can't chant enthusiastic rounds if we are not engaged in the other aspects of the Sadhana eg. Mangala arati 1-1/2 hours before Sunrise, Kirtan, SB.


Very best wishes to you all.

Maybe Nityananda-prana Das can also enliven us with his history of spiritual life.

Thank you.

Such nice photos!