Indu Lekha dd from Chile

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Hare Krishna dear Gurudev, please accept my humble obeisances

i wrote you a letter in the annual report but I don't know if it sent alright because I had problems with my session, even had to create a new one

I'm chanting my 16 rounds every day and strictly following the 4 principles

I got divorce since 2 years now, and it's been difficult... like been in a limbo without ashram, but trying to focus all my attention in raising my children the best i can, growing in spiritual life and work

 On the other hand in the end the whole situation has been good for my spiritual life, i feel that there is no other option for me than taking shelter in Krishna, so i'm trying to accept as a mercy in that way

I'm living in Valparaíso, Horcón ...far away from the association of devotees.

This past year with a little group of devotees we start a preaching project, that has helped me to feeling part of sankirtan movement and don't feel too much isolated.

I'm distributing books once or twice a week and then we keep contact with people of sankirtan through a Bhagavad-gitā studying club... And meeting in person some times for chanting together

I will send you photos

please accept my service as a sincere offering to assist your sankirtan to srila Prabhupada, despite all the defects please receive my efforts to please you

Your aspirant servant

Indu Lekha dd

HpS/ASA - Hare Krsna! Ooof! So sorry to hear about 'divorce'. Actually in Vaisnava culture there is no divorce. Maybe polygamy, but once you are married, it is for life. Of course, there is living separate and even after six years if husband is dead, or spiritually dead, like drinking and smoking, then O.K. remarried, but is third class, but is progressive.

We are 6th class people getting mercy of Srila Prabhupada!

Then everything will adjust!

We will have unlimited love for everyone.

Your Sankirtan etc. sounds great!

Very Great.

Send us news!

We like distributing TLC and have reading groups on it!!!

Hope Blog, Twitter, FMS, Kapi Dhvaja are of service to you.