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All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!!

Hare Krishna Maharaj! How r u?? How have you been? I’ve been following some of the classes you gave at Houston’s temple.

I really like hearing you! I maybe never told you, but I first met you like 20 years ago at the Buenos Aires‘ temple, I was so impressed when I heard your preach. I was always thinking of you at first and for many many years I heard your classes.

I used to cook in my kitchen during morning time, and hear to some of your preachings, back then there was no YouTube, all I had were mp3 files in the computer and the cell phone.

Well all my life was going fine, more or less, and some time ago I began experiencing some personal issues, they are so intimate I cannot even write them down here.h

But since you are a pure devotee I know your words in reply will help me a lot.

Is there any way in which I can write you a private email??

Hope everything’s OK over there!!


Federico Molnár

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