Gita Jayanti Festival and Vyasa Puja Memories

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All glories to Srila Prabhupada

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Hare Krishna gurudeva, I hope you are in good health, sharing a little experiences during the past months.

In December they invited us to participate in the Gita Jayanti Festival in Rio Grande Valley, Tx, we were cooking Mexican food for 150 people, we did harinam and kirtan with Sri Prahlad Prabhu on South Padre Island and toured the orange and carrot groves of New Navadvip Dham,

this place is a new devotional community project in the Texas Valley, Prabhu Sarvajaya Madhava Das from Dallas inviting us to be part of the Food For Life team, so if Sri Krishna allows us and with your blessings... we will be participating in May of this year.

I share with you the page of this community project which H.H. Jayapataka Maharaj and H.H. Guru Prasad Maharaj has already visited, hoping to soon also have your association in this place.

HpS/ASA - Will they update the webpage? I is about one month old, no?

Very big professional place.

Got Mangala arati, Temple, SB???


After the festival we spent Christmas in Harlingen, TX we were able to receive association from H.H. Guru Prasad Maharaj, Chitsukhananda Prabhu (S.P. disciple) and his family.

Then we drive to Houston to receive your association and support Sankirtan events. During this time I was able to meet more godbrothers and sisters and serve and play bhajans with them. I am sending some photographs of these memorable days, definitely Houston is a special place since it has allowed us to serve you once again. Thanks to Sri sri Radha Nila Madhava for this opportunity.

We enthusiastically continue chant Hare Krishna!!!

Your eternal servant

Lalita-radha dd

HpS/ASA - Thank you!!!

You say 'we'? Who else is with you? Just Paramatma?