we are still alive!!

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Hare Krsna, Dear Gurumaharaja. Pamho. AGTSP.

Here reporting you his servant Vrajendra kumara das from Mayapur dham.

We continue to live here with my wife Amala Sundari DD since you came and gave us the pleasure of serving You and the team to film the movie.

The rounds and saddhana have become more fixed since I need the mercy of the Supreme Lord day by day to survive in the dham, support my family, work with iskcon online and with my export company😅

. ( Circumstances have become me more Nista)

My wife and I are fine, it seems that Mr. Gauranga finally gave us a permanent place to live in the Dhan, we plan to travel in the summer but return for work

Dear Guru Maharaja, I have read your reports and calendar and I would very much like to be able to serve you when you come to India in June if we are still alive, excuse me for not writing to you but I was these two years trying to establish the foundations to grow my family and I focused on work.

please help me! Give me your mercy and give me a service, what can I do for you?

Your Servants Vrajendra Kumara das y Amala Sundari DD

HpS - Very nice to hear from you! Hope you can always see any stability in youe Ashrama as the mercy of Krsna, like a raft in the tumultuous ocean!

Like Sudama Vipra.

More news of your Sankirtan in Mayapura!

We think we will be based in Houston for three months then probably return to Nashville for Gaura purnima. After that 1. we may stay here, 2. we may go to spain and 3. we may, may, may go to Vrndavana after some time in Spain.

Hari Bolo! More Sankirtan news as it comes.

Thank you.