Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj Please accept my respectful obeisances All Glories to Srila Prabhupada All Glories to your Service and immense Sankirtan. I pray that the Lord always grants you improvement in your health I begin my report by thanking you for always inspiring us with your example.

My sadhana is good (although it could be better), four regulative principles, 16 rounds and gayatri mantra (maybe sometimes not at the corresponding times) ok.

Worship at home with Lalita Madhava, distribution of prasadam and music.

I am pursuing BS in its final stage (studying Upadesamrta), Bhagavad gita, Sri Isopanisad and Nectar of devotion ok, my teacher Priya Sakhi.

Guru Maharaja please instruct me on how to face certain adversities with respect to service, many times I see how far away it is to be able to have an advance in my spiritual life because every day I must fight with my ego and work on my character (it is difficult for me not to react to unfair situations of negligence) but I know that Krishna always controls, but many times this attitude works against me, how should I act?

I have asked devout brahmanis for advice. I know that the attitude is to be submissive, but should I always be submissive, even if the situation is unfair? CC Ādi-līlā 7.50, I think pure devotees like you can only have this attitude, how can we kaniṣṭa-adhikārī devotees achieve this attitude?

If madhyama-adhikārī is too big for us sometimes.

Currently I am still doing worship service (until two weeks ago) and in charge of the Initiation Committee, it has been hard, we were mainly 4 members and now only 2.

Guru Maharaj this service has been unpleasant for me at times because it demands what our GBC gives us, the devotees think that it is personal, my attitude is to provide service in a favorable way and with the intention of being a contribution, but I think that perhaps I have completed my cycle in this service, you in the previous letter recommended that I try, it will be that I have already completed my cycle?

Currently there is a significant decline in devotees who are not going to the temple due to unresolved internal problems, for work or because they have simply stepped aside due to unresolved issues, that makes me sad.

What is the attitude I should take in this situation? Waiting for your instruction Your would-be servant Manjuali Devi Dasi November 5, Santiago de Chile.

HpS - Hare Krsna! Thinking about you so often and now we hear from you, thank you.

Your question is like 99% like the question that Sadhubhusana from Manipura just asked.

Did Sriman Lalita madhava Das go with us to Manipura one time?

Please read, {?},

Is O.K.?

There are some details in your questions that are not in this letter to S Bh Das, but most.

Others we have already discussed, no?

How long have you been on the Diksa community? Did you make an arrangement with GBC et al for how long you would do it?

So many times we have suggested that that is essential aspect of administrative service.

Please, give us your comments on letter to S.Bh. Das.

Any news from, dreams of your father?