Urgent! Kapi Dvaja 28th October 2023

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Hare Krishna, Dear Guru maharaja!

All glories to Srila Prabhupada and All glories to you.

Please accept our humble obeisances. (PAOHO)

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Hare Krishna!!! I read all your post on Twitter and Blog. I really hope You are doing ok.

Forgive for not writing before and answer your last request. This topic (death) is very hard for me. It took me a few days to recover from this shock.

My aunt left her body on my birthday and as soon as I heard about it, my only thought was : I didn't finish all my rounds!!! That made me realize a lot of things such as I am not serious about my Sadhana, death is near us all the time and only Krsna knows when, where and how, I am not ready to past this difficult test (death). I am too attached to this body.

Then I read about Parasurama Prabhu and his father's departure and made me remembered a lot about my father's death. Many times I have talked with some friends and tried to explain and help them to endure their situation but I still cannot overcome mine.

Do you have any advice?? It will help us a lot

HpS - It seems pretty simple, no? We are afraid of water, then we learn how to swim. We are afraid of not having a cigarette then we let the addiction leave our body (and mind) then we are not afraid. We are happy.

The report from so many people such as Buddha, Jesus, Socrates, Prabhupada, is that we are in an unnatural attraction. When people see something frightening in the cinema they rise up three inches out of shock. I saw it in the theater when I was in college. The movie was, "Wait Until Dark".

So, we go on with our education. Trying different experiments directed by our teacher, Professor Prabhupada, and we see that we don't need this body. That we can look away from the TV screen and there is a real world around us of even better things.

We not only can see ripe mangos, but we can actually offer one to Krsna and take His Prasad.

Some people can not even let the thought enter there mind. So much fear and ignorance.

You can listen and consider.

You are not conditioned to your body by sex, drugs and rock and roll.

More work.

More advancement in Yoga!!


Thank you so much.

EDT (Patrak das & Antuanette)