Seeking help from Maharaj ji, and Iskcon

1 month ago by ramesh in Hot Topics


I know this post is not going to get published so i will write everything. i want to deliver all truth to Maharaj ji.

HpS - Hare Krsna! Thank you for this "Un Postable" letter. 🙂

We have already responded to your other post in a previous post before we opened this.

Yet, we will look at this and maybe share it with a responsible Grhastha devotee.

"Maharaj ji, sastang dandwat. I am Milan. I previously reached out to you, but my issue was not properly resolved.

You only approved this letter:

HpS - Esteemd Milan, I have read the letter and I think the other post to you indicates the next step in anything we can do to resolve this situation.

We wait for a response to that letter.

Unless I have this attitude: Looking the good qualities in others and not expecting others to see mine, then we can only expected mixed resolution of any problems that we are feeling.

If you we do not become our enemies enemy but always try to serve Krsna and everyone, then we will become happy.

Of course, violence, although never good, is sometimes necessary to defend the weak against the strong, but it must be applied expertly or otherwise there will be be a bad taste afterwards for everyone.

This is what we have heard from Prabhupada, no? It is the lesson for the BG, no?

Thank you!