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Hare Krsna Querido Guru Maharaja, Por favor acepte mis humildes reverencias

Todas las Glorias a Srila Prabhupada que nos muestra el camino para regresar a casa y Todas las Glorias a usted que nos guía en esa senda. 🌻

Orando diariamente para que su energía sea buena y favorable a su sankirtan. Le agradezco mucho por el FMS en línea, es un gran impulso para despertar 😊 Frecuentemente las demandas del cuerpo son muy fuertes, pero su ejemplo y nuestro deseo para participar del FMS en línea, nos ayudan a regularnos paulatinamente. 

Gurudeva, hoy, durante FMS usted dijo: "we finished all four DTC[UT] movies last night. now is there reason to hang on to this body and mind any more?" 😰

Su pregunta me dejó congelada, medite un poco e intente buscar distintos motivos que presentar…

Los primeros motivos que acudieron a mi corazón, respondían a nuestras propias necesidades: Nuestra inmensa necesidad de su instrucción y guía; tantas cosas que nos falta por saber, entender y vivir; pensé incluso en algunas correcciones que pudieran ser necesarias a sus discípulos mayores que abusan de menores, menores que menoscaban la posición de mayores, riñas interminables entre algunos de sus discípulos etc… Pronto me di cuenta que usted, ya nos ha otorgado esas instrucciones, lo ha hecho una y otra vez de múltiples maneras. Pero yo, estudiante tonta, sigo actuando neciamente, abusando de su misericordia, desperdiciando los instantes valiosos en vuestra presencia, me avergüenza decirlo, pero así es. (por favor perdóneme)🙏

Luego Usted dijo: “Podemos dejar NIOS Campus, Nueva Asokavan a ustedes ¿no?”

Entonces recordé las palabras que usted expreso durante su participación en la sede del parlamento de México, y pude ver -un poco- de la confianza que usted tiene en sus discípulos para que continúen el trabajo... Gurudeva, usted sigue los pasos de su divino maestro -nuestro poderoso Acarya- y en consecuencia sus dignos discípulos, se esfuerzan por seguirle según su propia posición. Pensé en muchos buenos discípulos que le siguen, más allá de cualquier deseo de poder, prestigio o reconocimiento y concluí que personalmente tengo mucho trabajo por hacer,🤔

¿Cuándo podré ser digna estudiante de tan exaltado maestro?

Por favor Gurudeva, perdone a su tonta estudiante. Nos esforzamos sinceramente por ser discípulos dignos, pero nuestra cubierta es muy densa y fallamos una y otra vez. Confiamos en que, por su misericordia sin causa (que nos conecta a Srila Prabhupada) algún día podremos ser miembros útiles en su trascendental ejército.

Siempre tenemos el deseo y la necesidad de su Vapu, siempre hay cosas por aprender y por ofrecer… por la misericordia sin causa de Srila Prabhupada, usted nos ha salvado en tantas ocasiones que nuestra bendita deuda con usted es impagable, así que siempre tenemos mucho que agradecerle. Humildemente le rogamos, ¡Por favor otórguenos su Vapu tanto como sea posible!

bhavad-vidhā bhāgavatās    tīrtha-bhūtāḥ svayaṁ vibho

tīrthī-kurvanti tīrthāni        svāntaḥ-sthena gadābhṛtā

(SB 1.13.10)

Siempre a sus órdenes

Su aspirante a discípula

Karuna-Sakti Devi Dasi 


Hare Krsna, Dear Guru Maharaja, Please accept my humble obeisances.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada who shows us the way to return home and All Glories to you who guides us on that path. 🌻

Praying daily that your energy is good and favorable to your sankirtan. I thank you very much for the online FMS, it is a great impulse to wake up 😊 Often the body's demands are very strong, but your example and our desire to participate in the online FMS help us gradually regulate ourselves.

HpS/ASA - Without, agtSP, the association of all the devotees there we doubt how we would be able to get up so regularly ourselves!

Achinta Bheda abheda: We must do our our unique service in the association of devotees, no?

Gurudeva, today, during FMS you said: "we finished all four DTC[UT] movies last night. now is there reason to hang on to this body and mind any more?" 😰

Your question left me frozen, I thought a little and tried to find different reasons to present...

The first reasons that came to my heart responded to our own needs: Our immense need for your instruction and guidance; so many things that we need to know, understand and live; I even thought about some corrections that might be necessary for your older disciples who abuse minors, minors who undermine the position of elders, endless fights between some of your disciples, etc... I soon realized that you have already given us those instructions, which It has been done over and over again in multiple ways. But I, foolish student, continue to act foolishly, abusing your mercy, wasting valuable moments in your presence, I am ashamed to say it, but that is how it is. (please forgive me)🙏

HpS - I can stand before our Vyasa-asana picture of Srila Prabhupada right now and repeat every word you said, to him as my own!

Then You said: “We can leave NIOS Campus, New Asokavan to you right?”

Then I remembered the words that you expressed during your participation in the headquarters of the parliament of Mexico, and I could see - a little - of the trust that you have in your disciples to continue the work... Gurudeva, you follow in the footsteps of your divine master - our powerful Acarya - and consequently his worthy disciples, strive to follow him according to his own position. I thought about many good disciples who follow him, beyond any desire for power, prestige or recognition and I concluded that I personally have a lot of work to do,🤔

When can I be a worthy student of such an exalted teacher?

Please Gurudeva, forgive your foolish student. We sincerely strive to be worthy disciples, but our covering is very thick and we fail again and again. We trust that by his causeless mercy (which connects us to Srila Prabhupada) we can one day be useful members of his transcendental army.

We always have the desire and need for your Vapu, there are always things to learn and to offer... by the causeless mercy of Srila Prabhupada, you have saved us on so many occasions that our blessed debt to you is unpayable, so we always have plenty to thank you. We humbly request, Please grant us your Vapu as much as possible!

bhavad-vidhā bhāgavatās tīrtha-bhūtāḥ svayaṁ vibho

 tīrthī-kurvanti tīrthāni svāntaḥ-sthena gadābhṛtā

(SB 1.13.10)

Always at your service

His would-be disciple

Karuna-Sakti Devi Dasi

HpS/ASA - Hmmmm! I don't think you or I have too much choice in the matter, no? You almost died from your bodies weakness in the last few years, no?


Of course, we all like to have diseases, threaten to die, so we can get attention, affection.

Just like little children.

Yet, with the chest pains and headaches of late we really see that we can go at any moment.

Hare Krsna!

Same for you?


Srila Prabhupada says that he never felt separation from B. S. S Prabhupada as long as he was sincerely engaged in his service.

Of course our problems of friendships and separation in ISKCON are really very small. The real problem is that some one has come from Mathura??? His name is Akrura... ??? What does he want?


Could not find this with English subtitles. Is even worse with the subtitles!

We think we have problems with separation in this world, but it is certain that whatever problems we have, the problems that the Braja basis have are so much worse!

Let us help them.

Then we are all together.