Shelter request 2

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Jay Maharaj! PAMHO AGSTP!!!!

All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!!!

How r u Maharaj??? How’s your health going?? Are you following any Ayurvedic o Naturopathic doctor??

HpS/ASA - AgtSP!!! Just posted about our bodily, brother ass, condition of life! -[;0]]/\___

We follow Jayananda Das, Rupanuga Das Dr. Singh's adivce.

Well here I’m fine, trying to effort myself and chant better rounds.

Maharaj I wanted to ask you some

questions, I heard you saying that professional gamblers have certain type of connection with Paramatma, and I read that with non devotees He acts as a witness and sanctioner, and with devotees the friendship relationship is added, so my question is what is the relationship gamblers do have with Paramatma, and up to what Rasa one can relate with Him under that category of tattva.

ASA - We are always guided by the Paramatma. Soul is resting on the nine or so types of life airs, and we desire and the P'atma 'smells' the fragrance of our desires and directs the car.

Like three year old sitting on daddy's lap thinking he is driving the car.


Don't know what kind of Rasa it is. Somebody may be a neophyte pure devotee. Have made some progress in last life to even Nistha, no? Yet, stumbled into Tamasic Karma so s[he]it is riding along on this professional gambler's trail but internally has some Buddhi, Bhava, background sense that there is a Goddess of Fortune and that she does have a Lord (??!) and she favors people who do progressive things with the profit?


Well regarding the shelter request, well I asked you some months before and you said I had to wait until 6 months have elapsed since I started chanting the 16 rounds and following the regulative principles, and I did so, that’s why I asked for shelter once again.

HpS - We really liked being ISKCON Diksa guru for nice people, especially if we were very much in a Siksa relationship, but even now we are struggling with a headache. Trying to squeeze through simple Siksa duties of few nice Posts to the Blog, DTC(UT)Spain production meeting, BOEX Bhakti vedanta standards, quick meeting with Abiseka Das...

... so, we have to give up some of these services to younger men, like you!

Become ISKCON Diksa guru!

Well hope you are well!!!

Hare Krishna :)

your servant,

Federico :))