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Hare Krishna dear Gurudeva,


I hope you're well and in good health. I read that you'll soon go to Houston and stay for 3 months. Jaya! AGTSP! I also read that you watch videos on YouTube about the life of Salvador Dalí, he's a fascinating artist, very special, he was an idol and source of inspiration for Rodrigo and his mystical surrealistic poetry.

I'm writing to inform you that the musical project SIT PROPERLY 108 was already released on October 10 through the digital distributor and the first single “Soy uno de Verdad” (I'm a real one) will soon be available on all platforms, currently it's available on Instagram, Facebook , Tik Tok, Youtube Music, Amazon, Apple Music, iTunes, Jaxsta, and many other digital stores, Spotify is the last to publish or the one that takes the longest between 5 and 7 days from the release date. I send to you a link to listen to the song on Youtube Music:

The artist's review is as follows: SIT PROPERLY 108 is a Hare Krishna Emcee. A conscious and spiritual message predominates in his songs with mixtures of rhythms inspired by Hip Hop culture, including sounds of Trap, Afrobeat, Reggaeton, Dancehall, Funk, Gospel, Rock, Pop, musical instruments from India, mantras and voice samples of A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the leading spiritual master of the Krishna consciousness movement all over the world.

It has all been very complex, but thank God we can move forward little by little. The plan is that from now on there will be a monthly release, the next 3 songs are almost finished and their respective releases are already scheduled, which will be during November, December and January. There are 6 more songs in production stage and I continue writing, reading, researching, experimenting and seeking inspiration from Srila Prabhupada to carry out this project that is very important to me.

Simultaneously, I'm studying the current functioning of the music industry, copyright, related rights, discovering my own communication marketing strategy, to execute everything professionally, I have everything registered and verified in the official institutions in charge, intellectual property and rights author societies, always prioritizing the quality of the message and the sound quality in my songs. Of course keep working on my personal vocal practice and with my teacher, advancing in the development of my technique, polishing my style, improving the flow.

The promotions and all the new material, songs, video clips, events, etc., that will be published can be reviewed at any of the following links:

On Tik Tok Spotify and on all social networks and digital stores SIT PROPERLY 108

I want to offer you my musical and audiovisual production services. Here I can entrust work to those friends who make up my team in this project; if you were in Chile we can record you reading a book or giving a class, for example, with first class audiovisual equipment high quality microphones and nice people working and helping (we are using Neumann, an old German specialized brand); but what we can do right now is that if, for example, you send us the audios with your voice, here we can edit them and refine the sound quality, we can also mix audio with video or pictures and edit.

Would you be willing to come to Chile during January, February or March? Here at Iskcon Chile there is a lot of enthusiasm and we can do a campaign to pay for your tickets and stay, it will be a success, here they always ask “when will Maharaja come again?” I ask you to please forgive me if my proposal does not apply, it's just an idea and a strong desire to see you again and be able to do a little more Vapu-seva.

Thank you very much for everything Gurudeva, in my next reports I'll tell you about the service I do in the temple, about the bhakta and disciple courses and a general report.

Please accept my respectful obeisances, all glories to Srila Prabhupada!


Your aspiring servant,

Carlos Rold.

HpS//ASA - AgtSP!!!

paoho... thank you this nice, informative letter. if you add a little poetry, mysticism, surrealism, it will be even better, no?

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We mention our calendar in the last and every 'Kapi Dhvaja'.

Travel to foreign countries is very hard.

Maybe we find some studio in Houston. We need to drink more water and dance, physical work. We have to dissolve this body so that KRSNA can use it for other bodies.

We make note to review URL above.

Send more Sankirtan news and watch ours and then we can link as our inspiration crosses paths in Srila Prabhupada's Sankirtan.