Jay Maharaj! HK!

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HK Maharaj! Dandavats! PAMHO AGTSP! All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga!

how are u??

ASA - This is T. Brown/U.G. HpSwami died and went to hell/heaven. We are answering his mail. Hope this is really a 'Hot Topic' or we will sling Electro Magnetic Curses, flying like thunder-bolts to make you rich, famous, and seductive!! 🐒

🐒 🐒

This is Federico Molnar, by a Rati Manjari dd’s suggestion, I signed up with another email in order to freely speak about a hot topic and so my letter won’t be published.

This letter contains information I wouldn’t like to be revealed in public, I beg you don’t post it on the blog.

T. Brown - Hmmph... Please write back describing the content in general terms. Then we can send it to the proper bureau for Confidential Contact.

Thank you!




your servant,


ASA - Your servants, Brown and White [HpS].