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Hare Krishna, dear gurudeva. Pamho, AGTSP!

I haven't written to you for a long time.

I'm pretty lazy for this.

In any case, I feel that I am always in your association through various means such as

the Full Morning Service;

the translations of the Bhagavatam workshop every Saturday morning;

listening to your recorded SB classes every morning, etc.

And now especially with my humble participation with the Boex sub commission with P. Atul krsna and Dhruva.

HpS - Awwwk! We missed the meeting today!!

It is a great honor to work with such high ISKCON personalities.

I really don't contribute much, [Yet] but I'm trying to take advantage of this great mercy of yours to learn a little.

Just yesterday P. Atul asked me to send my qualifications in the educational field, which are quite good, to P. Tapan Misra, ISKCON Minister of Education.

I still haven't been able to complete my master's thesis due to lack of resources, but someday, someday.

My resume is pretty good.

Perhaps one day I can carry out the invitation that you constantly make to go to Houston, or another place in USA, to continue training and contribute a bit of my experience as a teacher in ISKCON and in the prestigious schools that I taught in the past, such as the Marist schools and the Newton Collegue de la Molina, a well-known bilingual school in a high-class area in Lima-Peru.

ASA - Would be great for The Raman Reti Devi Dasi also. Is she learning English???

My personal projects, now of course with my dear wife Raman reti devi dasi, I hope they are fulfilled.

We always dream of getting a proper little house to have a small preaching center where we can do programs and distribute prasadam, books and philosophy evening

ASA - Well if it does not happen here it will happen in Vrndavana or Nabadvipa in your next life.

Also, work more with the municipality.

Precisely, we talked informally on the street with an old friend of the devotees about cultural projects for Chosica and surroundings.

He has a position in the sub-management of education and culture and we share ideas, which by the way are very similar.

For this reason, we plan to resume our NGO project to have a platform to interact with the municipality.

Of course, closely linked with ISKCON Chosica.

  1. Who am I,
  2. who are we,
  3. plans,
  4. resources.

I hope it works if Krishna wants.

I have a great desire to do something else. As an ISKCON teacher I think I'm doing pretty well. I have daily sastric study classes and I am regularly invited to teach at ISKCON Chosica and I also taught in Miraflores and recently at the Bhakta Enrique preaching center.

HpS - What has happened with Jana pavana Das???

The sadhana with my wife is still very good, and also the almost weekly distribution of prasadam to acquaintances in the village.

Sometimes cookies,

sometimes wonderful little balls,

sometimes kekitos,


We try to improve our altar as well. Krishna ruci prabhu is making little shoes for our Deities. So many beautiful things can be done in Krishna consciousness. I really like when Prabhupada talks about the "progressive devotee." The opposite of what I call "the Hare Krishna comfort zone": I dedicate myself to chanting my yapa, doing my prasadan, going to the temple for holidays, etc. For many it may work just like that. But, I think you can always do more. In the end, everyone is different.

Finally, I would like to ask you to please help me so that I can take the Bhakti Vaibhava exam.

I believe I have enough experience to pass that exam so that I can also formally teach the course with the case requirements.

HpS - Just ask Atul K. Das. They have a Summative exam system. Maybe you and Karuna could just become study partners and get it done.

Gandharva prabhu made an extraordinary effort to make us an examination center, but there were some unattainable requirements, such as having a somewhat high number of students.

I have a group of old students that would be very good if they had the course formally.

Another request is that they soften the requirements for the professors of other courses such as the facilitation courses, which are three, the communications course, and others. It is really cumbersome what they ask for.

HpS - Yes, that seems so to me, but I have nothing to do with those courses.

I am a well trained teacher within and outside of ISKCON and could very well facilitate those courses and train other devotees to do so in due course.

I would like to train the devotees-to-be teachers so as not to be dependent on devotees who have to come from abroad with the high budget that is needed for that.

HpS - This is all very, very nice, and nice for others like you also.

Swami Atul is rather busy. Maybe Dhruva is a little more accessible.

Present these things to them and they can help get things rolling. Don't have to do everything at one time.

One little success makes the next projects much easier, no?

These are some ideas that I wanted to share with you. Hopefully one day I can come visit you and spend some time with you drinking in your wisdom to become a humble bearer of your legacy as one aspect of Srila Prabhupada's legacy of course.

HpS - ASA --- I have seen that Krsna can arrange anything. He can arrange anything.

Thank you very much for always being there for me. Thank you very much for his mercy on this foolish disciple of his.

His servant,

Laksmana-agaja das


🐵 🐒🐒🌴