Report Purusottama Month🙏

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Remembered Gurudeva!

Please accept my humble obeisances to your beautiful lotus feet👣🌻🌼🌷🌺🌹🙏 All glories to srila prabhupada!!!

I wish you are doing well in your wonderful kRSNA consciousness ❤

Thank you very much for Your wonderful blessings Gurudev! 🙏 I'm glad you liked Your poem 💜

Please forgive my delay in my report. I was somewhat stunned because many things happened

Franco and Gopal 💪 ===============

The strongest that happened was that Franco cut his foot on a plate. I was too scared to see the river of blood that ran from his foot!!!!... the wound reached the tendon. The first thing Franco did was put his leg up and bandage himself with a piece of cloth. He didn't want to go to the doctor. It's incredible but he knows his body quite well and he knows how to heal himself. I only helped by buying what was needed and trying to get him to rest as much as possible. He had had the tetanus vaccine happily. I wanted to call an ambulance... but he didn't want to. I have heard several very serious experiences here of people who are infected with intrahospital viruses when they go to the hospital with open wounds, and I understood Frank.

He also healed alone at home when he had a motorcycle accident, where he broke his ribs..😑😑 .. it's like RAMBO in the Uruguayan version☺

Happily he is recovering. He is already climbing the roof to build and he also recently recovered, but he started with the space where the altar will be!💖. He has a very strong and incredible will!!!

Please 🙏 I ask for your prayers for him.

HpS//ASA - Amazing! Our respects to him. Surprised he did not need stitches. Hop he is doing 16/4 with enthusiasm and gets formally initiated into Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON!

Gopal turned 11 on May 15. He still loves words, dictionaries, doing wonders with his hands, correcting my words😅. I will always beg Your Blessings for my dear son. May you always be a very happy Krsna devotee❤and may develop pure love for Radha Krsna in this life.

He didn't send any art photos because franco is very reserved and prefers not to publish😊 .happily he told me to send him the photo of Jaganatha Baladeva Subhadra that he carved a while ago. Thanks to T.B. for encouraging us to travel, it seems impossible...

Beautiful Bhagavatam 🎶❤💙🎵 ****************************

We have advanced the reading but I still want to comment (following Your merciful request) on chapter: Kali's punishment and reward:

I think that only a pure devotee is the only one who lives happily in this world. He understands that everything that happens to him is by the grace of Krsna and he does not live agitated, he lives happily. The bull was the personality of religion and despite his pain he was calm and did not want to name the alleged culprit. Just before writing my previous letter to you, I saw a documentary film about slavery in India. It is the most horrible, monstrous thing I have ever seen! The experience was so real to me that I couldn't stop thinking about it.

I thought: how could these mistreated girls stop identifying the author of their great pain... In my personal case, I have always had the great fortune that whenever someone has treated me badly, Krishna has shown me how good that person is... and that's why I naturally understood that it was only what I had to pay. . Realizing that relieves me a lot. and makes me more and more grateful to His Divine Grace for bringing us the most confidential knowledge to love krsna and make him happy and naturally be happy.

In my next report I continue to tell you about other experiences.

Thank you very much for the verse. We will always strive to move forward to put it into practice.

I don't really consider that I have the necessary intelligence to distinguish Vaishnavas.. but with the help of Krsna and His blessings Gurudev I can achieve it.. it seems necessary while we live in this world.. if you allow me in my next one. letter I will comment something about it.

please forgive any offense in this letter🙏 And receive our dandavats from Frank and Gopal

Always trying to please him:

Japa Prati Jalpa Radha Devi Dasi

HpS - Jaya! Maybe Franco can send art done by His Monkey Within. We let our Monkey Within, Tom Brown, out.

Is best letter yet.

How are Madhavendra and Family???