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Dear Remembered Gurudev, please accept my obeisances at your lotus feet. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I had written this poem to him in January... but due to lack of communication during his travels, I preferred to send it to him later. and now I send it to you.

Please forgive any offense or rasabhasa in this poem-song that just surfaced that day. (should I have someone read my poems before I send them to you?...

thank you so much!

To my dear spiritual master: His Holiness Hanumat presaka Swami

🎶There are so many tests...

so many steps

still to pass ..

And another test comes...

With higher leggings!!!

I can fall! but i'm not afraid we will keep smiling And jumping too...

Because I have you!

So beautiful Guide!

that clarifies me

As well as the Sun!

And I have you!

In my daily life

since the morning

Always rising!!

And it is that I have you

Like my beloved Guru

you give us shelter

At your beautiful feet!

...How lucky I am !

Although I was born in Kali Yuga

I was able to find you!!!

Hoisting the flag!

From Kapi Dvaja

I could see it!

came to save us

From this horrible mud

That we had to fall...

But I have you!

Because distances don't matter

It is with the heart that one loves (vani)

And not with the skin (vaphu)

...How lucky I am !

I could see it once

And again!

and His presence

He never left again...!

You are my Gurudev!

It always goes forward!

With constant spirit!

Spread what you are!!!

And brings us back to life!

...In this darkness...

You give us the light to get there...!!!


Happy Vyasa Puja today and always Gurudev!!! Vyasa Puja to her beautiful person at all times and every hour!

His eternal aspiring disciple who always wants to please his beautiful heart of honey:

Japa Prati Jalpa Radha Devi Dasi.

HpS - Thank you. You must make so many people happy.

Will Krsna convert your world to an extension of Nabadvipa. Will you take birth with your friends and associates in Nabadvipa in you next life time.

Goodness goes out like and echo.

If we say something from our heart it goes all over the world in 8-seconds. We heard Srila Prabhupada say that on one recording.

Why no photos of family art???

🎶Hay tantas pruebas...

Tantos escalones

 aun por pasar..

Y viene otra prueba...

Con mallas mas altas!!!

Me puedo caer!

Pero no tengo miedo

Seguiremos sonriendo

Y saltando también..

Porque lo tengo a Usted!

Tan hermosa Guía!

Que me clarifica

Así como el Sol!

Y es que lo tengo a Usted!

En mi Dia a Dia

Desde la mañanita

Siempre elevándome!!

Y es que lo tengo a Usted

Como mi amado Gurú

Usted nos da refugio

A sus hermosos pies!

...Que afortunada soy !

Aunque nací en kali Yuga

Pude encontrarlo a Usted!!!

Izando la bandera!

Del kapi Dvaja

Lo pude ver!

Vino a salvarnos

De este horrible fango

Que nos tocó caer...

Pero lo tengo a Usted!

Porque no importan distancias

Es con el corazon que se ama (vani)

Y no con la piel ( vaphu)

...Que afortunada soy !

Pude verlo una vez 

Una y otra vez!

Y Su presencia

Nunca mas se fue...!

Usted es mi Gurudev!

Siempre va adelante!

Con espíritu constante!

Contagia lo que Usted es!!!

Y nos devuelve la vida!

...En esta oscuridad...

Usted nos da la luz para poder llegar...!!!🎶🎵

Feliz Vyasa Puja hoy y siempre Gurudev!!!

Vyasa Puja a su hermosa 


en todo momento y a cada hora!

Su eterna aspirante a discípula que desea siempre complacer su hermoso corazón de miel:

Japa Prati Jalpa Radha Devi Dasi.