Gaura Purnima at Imphal!!!!!

1 year, 7 months ago by Sarada Gaurangi Devi Dasi in Personal Sadhana Reports

All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to Guru Maharaj. Please accept our humble obeisances at Your lotus feet.

HpS - ASA -- Lettuce feet, AGTSP!!

Hare Krishna Guru Maharaj,

Every time Guru Maharaj replies to us, we get so spiritually charged! Today....the reply made me cry...and I am not ashamed of admiting this to You dear Guru Maharaj. Deep in my heart, I always feel we are dancing with Gauranga all the time with Srila Prabhupada and Guru Maharaj taking the lead.....what better way than have Guru Maharaj's transcendental association during Gaura Purnima? Yes , Gurudev, we at Manipur will be celebrating Gaura Purnima on 21st March. And when Prof. Samaresh's name came up, my joy knew no bounds. We may have the book release here at Imphal, details of which will be communicated as soon as we discuss with HH Bhakti Ananda Haridas Goswami Maharaj and our senior devotees. We will surely try our best to have the education symposium again , we only need Your mercy Guru Maharaj. It would be a dream come true for us if we can can have the Upadeshamrita ..for days....months.....years........!! And "Art and the Sacred" will attract a lot of crowd.....on Gaura Purnima !!!! Dear Guru Maharaj, when can we take our second initiation?

HpS - You need approval of Temple President, and you have to have show some standard of Sastri knowledge. Some places require Bhakti-sastri diploma which can be great, great fun. Others have simpler test.

Please forgive us for any offences committed .

Your servant always,

Sarada Gaurangi DD

HpS - O.K. Now we have to work on details! Is there a direct flight from Imphal to Mumbai? Then we would do our work in Kolkata before we come to Imphal and then go directly to Mumbai for two nights and then fly out to Houston 26th-27th.

We will talk with Professor, Symposium on Art and the Sacred or Education and the Sacred, book release, and giving an award to Dr. Samaresh from San Marcos University in Lima, Peru, and beginning cultural and academic exchange relations between Lima and Imphal?