Report from Maya Pura

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Hare Krsna Dear Guru Maharaja

His servant Vrajendra Kumara Das writes to you and Amala Sundari Devi Dasi next to me.


We are in Mayapur, basically working and making our economic foundations to raise our home, and to be able to help our old single mothers quickly.

We distribute a part of what we earn to support ourselves, and the other to Mahavisnu swami, we economically adopt a cow from the goshwala, Radha Madhava Pamncatatwa and Nrsmhadeva and I hope to help you financially when you are here in Radhakunda.



I don't do much more than think about business, I don't go to the Harinamas and I try to get up at 6 am to sing my rounds, sometimes help my wife with the deities, take care of my Tulasis and work, I have three jobs.


I am very low class living entity Gurudeva and you know, I don't understand much of your classes, my brain was messed up before, but I have faith that you are amazing and want to help your preaching movement in any way that I can.


The truth is that I am happy with my wife and my family, it is a blessing, I like this stage, as I like the previous one, I would like to Become like a mountain in the future (with strong control of myself).


Mahavisnu Swami Maharaja It is our greatest fortune, it always takes care of us and guides us.

Guru Maharaja thanks for your service to Srila Prabhupada, I cannot understand your exalted character ( How could I in this codified situation of life) but I only wish to serve you, you are wonderful, I would like to rescue Sita (laxmi) and take her back for you to use in service to Srila Prabhupada, Now I cannot offer nothing else.


I hope I can see you again even from afar, you are very beautiful, unique and special. I feel lucky to have You on my altar.

Could you give my wife and me some service, please? Can we contribute financially in any way with you?

Your servents (B?)Vrajendra Kumara das y Amala Sundari Devi dasi

HpS - Sorry we could not get your association while we were in Radha kunda.

Go for walk together.

leaving Spain for USA 24th.

Some financial help is nice but better is you make yourself clean in heart each day and then preach to the people you meet based on BG and SB.

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