Hare Krishna, Maharaj Ji. Dandavat pranam. Agtsp and all the vaishnavas and vaishnavis.

Yesterday I got a call from my followers in Assam that they want to donate a small area of LAND where we can create a namhatta project.

Please advise me shall I accept this proposal or what shall I do ?

ASA - We would suggest that the land, money etc are the fourth consideration. First is your personal motivation in the project. Then personal motivation of others. Eg. Who is committed and why? Third is to make a plan based on these clear personal committments. Then the type of land, buildings, money becomes clear.

O.K. Some help?

Second thing is ASA Sri Radha kunda center need a little bigger area where we can hear Hari Katha from Maharaj and we can perform kirtan , take prasadam together with all the devotees who visit Radha kunda. Spend some time in Radhakunda. As I got experience in last 4 month, everyone were not in comfortable position. So the idea 💡 comes to my mind as it has written in ekadasi song , bhakta seva parama siddhi prema latikar mulla. Means serving devotees is the root of receiving krishna prema. If everyone agree with this please join hand.

HpS - Our visit to Radha-kunda and the assembly of devotees may have been an unique experience. I don't think we could live through another one with our present body. I think we are really using up our present body as planned and it will dis-integrate in September 2024.

Of course, that is our best guess.

If others want to continue developing the "Anjana Suta Acadamy" is Radha kunda that seems to be very nice. It is the conclusion of the Nectar of Instruction.

Did you get a chance to send the TPP and NoI to Dr. Samaresha? He says he did not get it.

Also, can you send us the inventory and report for the TPP distribution?

Your service ability is very amazing. We think Mother Yasoda or Vrndadevi will give you a lot of work to do yourself and with your associates.

With regards

Your servant

Vipina vihari dasa.